Potato plan…!

Very exciting final potato plan for the allotment, with 6 varieties and 1st and 2nd earlies + mains. I also put the maris peer (2nds) in first and basically planted from left to right in the plan. I also left lots of space between the first three rows and less between the next four rows. We’ll see if this makes any difference in about 2 months time. : )


Sunday at the allotment…

We finished off the weekend with a very warm and sunny day, almost a summer afternoon, but with us not yet in spring. Loads done at the allotment and all of us were up there pitching in during the day.

We all went over there in the morning for 2 hours and got the first lot of 2nd early potatoes in (Maris Peer), in three tenches. These are spaced 1 metre apart with each potato spaced about 25 cms apart. The next rows we’ll probably dig closer together, just to be able to get enough rows in for the three batches of potatoes we’ve been chitting + the leeks and onions! Also marked the rows with laths from various Victorian renovations in a nearby street.

I got another raised bed in during the morning and some more digging about the place. We also had a good chat with the plot holder adjacent to ours, which is nice and there were a fair few people up there enjoying the sun.

I went back again after lunch for another two hours, half an hour of which I spent chatting with John the Chairman of the allotment association. He;s got loads of stories from over the years and he let me borrow his sledge hammer to knock the raised beds down.

I got another 5 beds in with a fair bit of levelling needed for the last one (last two images) and the whole thing worked out well – as a complete stroke of luck i’d been placing the beds about 30 cms (1 foot) apart), without thinking about how many I could get in along the whole width. The last 3 beds went in with only an extra 5 cms needed between each to get right into the corner. I could have claimed I planned it but anyone who knows me would have spotted it!

So, finally something in the ground and most of the raised beds are in, with just two more to go, each side of a central open space, which could be seating, or logs, or wild flowers (for pollination). The soil is starting to look good and it’s getting a finer look to it, with a good amount of manure in it now.