Oxfam’s latest climate change warning…

Another warning relating to climate change and the food production system, from Oxfam.

‘The average price of staple foods will more than double in the next 20 years, leading to an unprecedented reversal in human development, Oxfam has warned.’

‘A devastating combination of factors – climate change, depleting natural resources, a global scramble for land and water, the rush to turn food into biofuels, a growing global population, and changing diets – have created the conditions for an increase in deep poverty.’

This is what I mean when i’m talking about climate change and sustainability. The poorest people on Earth are on the brink. All of the factors above are able to be altered. It just requires a shift in thinking towards a sustainable way of life.

Two major, major problems at the moment: biofuels and meat production. Both these things need to change right now. We’re diverting valuable growing land into production of food products which power planes and cars instead of keeping people alive, and sustaining a wasteful and inefficient type of food (meat) which again takes resources (land, water and grains) away from hungry people. Meat production on the industrial scale needs to stop.

The thing which I find hard to deal with each day is the fact that we know what the problems are, what needs to change and we know how to do it, it just never happens. Biofuels sounded like a great idea 10 years ago but we now know what the massive negative impacts are. There’s just no reaction to the information and knowledge. We also know about industrial meat production but that’s not stopping either.

It’s almost like there has to be a very clear, very convincing climate event, or massive human impact event for things to change. I would personally hope we don’t get to far before we turn back but i’m not convinced that will happen.

So, de-carbon the energy sector and start producing massive amounts of clean energy. Initiate carbon-saving and efficiency measures across all sectors. Look at lifestyle changes which can be made. Find renewable alternatives to using finite natural resources. Stop producing biofuels and convert transportation power demand into electricity not petrol. Consider initiating population limits (a very thorny issue considering political, religious and social factors). Reduce or stop eating meat – there are positive implications for health, sustainability & climate change and costs.



Bristol Organic Food Festival 2010…

We had a good day out today at the Bristol Organic Food Festival, at the Harbourside.

We met up with me mam and got the bus down to the Harbourside where the fair was taking place. There were lots of tents and stalls selling food and other organic stuff, like clothes, toiletries and books.

Name drop alert… We were cueing for some much needed food and behind us was High Fearnley-Whittingstall, of River Cottage fame! Not that we were ear-wigging, but, he was talking about his kids school and how the sheep show people had tried to rope him into shoeing a sheep, which he declined! Apparently he was also talking about really going off meat and only really eating veg the whole summer – nearly another veggie!

Anyway, I was really disappointed with the selection of lunch food there – 95% of it was meat-based, with only 2 places to get a vegetarian lunch, one of which had to shut due to their gas running out! This was actually the one we were cueing in. Claire got to the front then it shut down! There were meat stalls everywhere. After a while, the smell got a bit gross, but was nice to start with.

Also a big blue tractor there and the boys had fun paddling around the water feature there, even if Jac did fall over a few times! Both boys fell asleep on the drive home, hence why i’m blogging right now, while they’re watching Super Ted!