Rainbow Warrior lll…

An amazing article about the latest Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior vessel. It’ll be one of the most sustainable and technologically advanced ships on earth when it’s completed.

Full article in pdf: Return of the Rainbow Warrior | Environment | The Observer


The quote inspired me to follow Claire’s lead and create a message for the hallway!

‘On one level Rainbow Warrior III is the inspired result of some of the latest thinking in sailboat technology from world-leading – mainly Dutch – computer modellers and wind-tunnel obsessives. On another it is the latest fulfilment of an old Native American prophecy:

“There will come a time when the earth grows sick, and when it does a tribe will gather from all the cultures of the world who believe in deeds and not words. They will work to heal it… they will be known as the ‘Warriors of the Rainbow’.”

There are various sources for that prophecy, which spread among early environmentalists when it was published in a book of Hopi Indian and Cree legends in California in 1962. But 15 years later, when Greenpeace activists in the UK came up with the idea of taking a ship to bear witness to some of the more blatant acts of ecological destruction – from whaling and oil exploration to nuclear testing and industrial fishing – that were occurring in the remote oceans, there was only one name that could do it justice. The Aberdeen-built trawler the Sir William Hardy” was almost ready for scrap when it was bought by Greenpeace for £40,000. After a refit and hand-painting of the famous logo on its bow, it first sailed out along the Thames on 15 May 1978.’


Hallway message…

An inspired hallway message by Claire!

Written backwards and able to be read in the mirror which I just fixed up last week, which is on the opposite wall by the front door.