Adventures in mixing šŸ™‚


Technics music blur…

the wheels of steel spin and the camera clicks. I think I need to spend more time actually mixing rather than taking pictures of theĀ equipment!


Paint and ink patterns…

As Jac was painting, he was mixing up the different colours in the trays and he created some cool effects. I also tried some ink art, using straws to blow the ink around the page.


Moon landing…

Mixing some plaster up for the continuing renovation assault on our Victorian house!


Scratch school 2…

The ‘Crab scratch’ with DJ Qbert…

Some nice stories as well. This is going to be the first one on my learning list.


Connecting mixer to imac…

Finally, after months of planning and researching, the digital mixer which my turntables are connected to, has now been hooked up to our imac!

This makes it sound a bit epic but in the end, it wasn’t that difficult – well, not with my techno wife on hand!

The 10m cable had arrived and the idea was to run it behind the mixing table and sofa (along the same wall), then around the front bay and back around to the computer which is on the other side of the living room. Given the cable is a dark blue and we have white walls and skirting, this stood out a bit. So, I went back to my original idea of running the cable under the floor boards in a more direct route to the computer.

This was easier than it sounds and involved unscrewing two boards and drilling a smallish hold in either end for the cable to go through. The cable was passed under each of the joists then the boards screwed back down. The cable came up right in the corner and is now hidden by the computer table leg.

That was my contribution to the process and this was where Claire took over! I had already found out that Garageband for the imac would receive, record and edit the signals from the mixer, so this just needed setting up with the right inputs etc. The cable plugged into the Audio In socket at the back of the imac, not the headphone in socket, which various forums suggested.

Once i’ve got into the swing of using it, i’ll post about the setup within Garageband plus hopefully have a link to a music hosting site. Just one of the many things i’m really excited about but which is competing with all the other things! : )


Scratch school 1…

Ok, i’m intent on mastering scratching now that I own the best turntables ever created by the hand of humans (SL1210 mk2’s). The Boomerang scratch…

I can do the basic baby scratches etc but need to get some proper techniques down and be able to combine them all effectively.

So far, swirls, chirps, the Boomerang and the Joe Cooley scratch!


Connecting mixer to imac 2…

This is the sort of setup which normally scares me! But, i’ve done some research and I think I know what output is the best to use (tape out). Now I just have to play around with the settings in Garageband to get the right inputs and levels.

At that point I should be able to record mixes and singles from vinyl, at which point my super star DJ career can really begin! : )

The cable plugs straight into the 3.5mm headphone jack in the back of the imac and will apparently provide a high quality connection, even over 10 metres of cable. I may need to get the WordPress audio upgrade to get some mixing results onto the blog!


DJ Sticky Eyelash…!

Bloody hell – wait for 0:46 for the real skills. Amazing stuff.


Connecting digital mixer to imac…

I’ve been doing some intensive cables research to work out what the best way is to connect my digital mixer with the iMac, for recording vinyl records and DJ mixes.

I’ve asked various people and the result are the above cables. These connect the mixer to the iMac via the headphone jack and I already have Garage Band on the Mac which can record and edit mixes.

Another tip is to record in.wav format not mp3 but convert to mp3 if uploading to web or want a smaller file size. Use Garage Band for Mac which is good for multi-track recording but a bit more memory needed than other programs.

Audacity is also highly rated to record on MacĀ, as isĀ Audio Recorder from


Decks setup…

Very exciting developments for my future career as a superstar DJ…

The living room is nearly done so I finally started to setup all the mixing equipment and build the table for it. We had ordered a standard piece of wooden worktop from Ikea and 4 white metal legs and I cut the worktop to the right size and screwed on the legs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lots of consideration went into the table size and it’s worked out that there will be 1.5cms of space on each side of the table, to the edge of the recently built coat storage area in the hallway. The idea there is to build a protective cover for the equipment for when they’re not being used, which will have two sides and a front, which can be slid over the whole table. It will also mean less visual clutter. This will be 1 cm thick, which will take the total width up to the sides of the hallway cupboard sides.

So, I cut the worktop with the new Bosch jigsaw (which is awesome), then fixed the legs on, after a cycle to B&Q to get a new pilot hole drill bit, after a couple of the screws broke!

I also screwed off the plastic covers from the sides of each turntable, which meant I gained an extra 4 cms width. The covers now don’t have the hinges on but I won’t be using these when the full table cover has been built. The mixer and decks all line up and are almost exactly the same heights. It looks awesome and a lot less visually intrusive than I thought it would be.

I’ve still got to get the records out from the old bathroom and into the boxes, which will all go under the table. There was a whole palava about the amplifier and where that would go, how much space it would take up etc etc. It turns out, the speakers i’ve bought are self-powered and don’t even need an amp! Brilliant. So, now there is no need to use my amp and therefore it won’t take up any space under the table (or on it). One less thing to hook up. The only thing was the connection between the speakers and the mixer – I didn’t have the right cables as my old setup had cables designed to go into the amp from un-powered speakers. Not a problem as we’ve just ordered two cables from tinternet which should be here on Wednesday.


Digital mixer arrives…!

After weeks of research and years of waiting, finally a professional standard quality mixer arrives at my door.

The Behringer DDM4000 has been reviewed by many experts and is generally regarded as the best quality and cheapest option for the professional market, with features such as built in BPM counters, sampling and effects sections and optical crossfaders, which would be worth nearer Ā£1000 from one of the leading brands, such as Pioneer, Vestax or Technics.

I cannot wait to test it out with the Technics and new speakers. The weird thing is I may not have ever heard my records in this way before, as before I was using a cobbled together system, partly using old hi-fi speakers with terrible leads. The Tannoy Reveail speakers i’ve now got apparently pick out every element of the recording and there is nowhere to hide! It will not flatter a lack of skill, or mistakes, so this is also a good challenge.



A good little video, very well presented and sequenced, showing some great scratching…

LigOne – 2010 French and World DMC Mix Champion: French final set


Record boxes are here…!

After some persuasion from Claire, I ordered 6 square record boxes for my vinyl collection. I was going to just order the bare minimum of 4, but this would have meant very tightly packed records, meaning it would have been gard to flick through them when mixing.


So, i’m really impressed with he quality of them and the finishing around the edges is impressive. The construction seems strong, with smooth finish, which could be painted if the kids ever start getting creative with their pens!


The Technics arrive…!

So, i’ve waited 13 years for this day…

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Maybe the best vinyl turntables ever made. The industry standard for the last 20 years: Technics SL1210 MK2.

Claire told me they had arrived around lunchtime, while I was at work – I was seriously tempted to just do a half day. I got a bit worried when she said the delivery guy had rolled them into the hallway, but then she said ‘gently’!

I’ve had a quick look inside and read through the instructions, but i’m waiting till the table for them is delivered and we’ve finished the skirting behind the table before it’s setup.Ā It’ll be a good incentive to get the living room decorating done.

I’m also going to build an MDF case for the whole table, which can slide over the whole lot, to protect the equipment and provide a surface for a nature display. This will also cut down on the visual clutter.