Jac mixing…

Part of the boys continuing and varied education!

Jac was looking quite closely at the plate of the deck and the patterns in the side. He was stopping the deck with his finger and also practising switching the fader across plus the kill switches.



Music room mixing…

The new music room has been getting a fair bit of use… not by me though!

Every day Jamie asks if he can go in the music room! He’s learning about how to get a record out, put it on the turntable, put the stylus on (nicely!!) and the various controls on the mixer and amp. He gets pretty excited and loves spinning the record really fast. Jac also gets in there and jumps around and loves switching the mixer and amp off and on!

Now I just need those slipmats so I can mix some tunes together!



I’m getting way too excited about the new music room. There is one problem though. At the moment, I can’t find the other slipmat for the second record deck! This means that I can’t actually mix togther records, just listen.

So, i’m considering a new purchase…


My existing ones are something like 13 years old, so probably long overdue for some new ones.


Music room takes shape…

God, this has been the longest day!

Jac was really unsettled last night and Claire was up with him from about 3 a.m till 4 and then I took over from 4 till 6:30, then we were all up! Trouble was, I couldn’t sleep till 1:30 in the morning, meaning I only got 2.5 hours sleep! GRRRRRRRR! Not good. I’ve spent most of the day in a semi-trance dream state, feeling very weird.

After Jamie and I got back from checking out the Tennis Tots thing at our local tennis centre, Claire had the inspired idea to get on with the ‘music room’ (ex-downstairs bathroom). I was really starting to flag at that point but this spurred us all into action.

Part of the idea for the room is to use the old living room and bedroom carpets as wall coverings, to absorb the sound and help to insulate. So far we’ve put up carpets on two of the blue-tiled walls and laid the floor carpet to cover the horrible and cold floor tiles. Some serious cleaning is needed though as they’ve been rolled up in the shed for a year or so + weren’t in the best condition to start with!

more soon…