Potato plan…!

Very exciting final potato plan for the allotment, with 6 varieties and 1st and 2nd earlies + mains. I also put the maris peer (2nds) in first and basically planted from left to right in the plan. I also left lots of space between the first three rows and less between the next four rows. We’ll see if this makes any difference in about 2 months time. : )



I’ve been vaguely gathering information on anything to do with the allotment and always quiz people who are in the know when I meet them. I’m determined to make the most of our first full growing season and get as much out as possible.

Potatoes are the main crop and there’s plenty of time to get more ideas on varieties but Claire’s Dad has recommended Nadine as a good and productive variety. He grew them this year and from 13 KG of seed potatoes, he got about 75 KG out, which is about 5.75 times increase. This was about what we’ve got so far from our growing in the garden.

In terms of planting, it’s rows of roughly 60cms between each row, with 30cms between each plant in the row.

What we’ve found so far during the digging work is the areas which have been previously cultivated are much softer and easier to dig over. In particular, where potatoes have been used, the soil is much softer and less lumpy, going down to a deeper level like this. we’ve found lots of little potatoes i these areas as proof. Once the potatoes have been grown in the whle plot, this should help improve the consistency of the soil, also helping to get the manure spread into the soil.