Dividing line…

Paint line between two newly painted buildings, along Commercial Road, Gloucester.



Day 030…

A vivid and contrasting paint peel. A former red wall, painted over with blue and a green weed struggling up into the frame.

Gloucester images 11.06.13 - 01


Day 024…

First, the one-eyed wooden monster which needs a haircut… aka the corner or the bike shed where the cat has been systematically eroding the wood away with her claws!

Garden details 06.06.13 - 6

The end of a piece of timber, with serial number stamped in red ink, with white paint absorbed into each line of the grain.

Garden details 06.06.13 - 9


Rainbow Scrape ll and lll…

So, another painting session with the boys resulted in more leftover paint… Rainbow Scrape 2 and 3 are born!

The 1st go ended up being a wave pattern and I wanted to get a range of effects and colours. One of the things I noticed once the painting had dried was the fading of the colour intensity. The water-based poster-paint looses it’s intensity so i’ll switch to acrylic paint for the next try.


The 2nd go was similar to the first but with a single sweep of colour. I love the blending and the liquid form plus the join between the A3 sheets of paper which curl up when they’re wet.

The final thing I did to try and get a boosted intensity effect was to place the sheet on top of the lamp shade.


Sand T Kalloch resin art…

Some very nice ideas and techniques from Sand T Kalloch…


Really interesting use of wood panel, acrylic paint and epoxy resin. This a real way forward for some of the ideas which i’ve been developing since my exhibition in January 2010. The whole line art approach still holds me and this area will be what I start to develop.


Shower fixing…

The epic saga of the search for the final piece of the shower continues…

We just need a fixing bracket to fix the shower riser pole to the wall, as the weight of the pole, water and shower head makes the whole thing lean forward a bit!

Anyway, on Friday, Claire at moi embarked on the voyage of discovery around Gloucester, while Claire’s Mum kindly looked after the boys! We tried Plumb Centre, Homebase, Focus Do It All and finally Dun Elm. We’re all a bit ill at the moment and quite tired as well so by the time we got to Dun Elm we had to crash out and have cake and coffee! Anyway, we think a curtain pole bracket will work and it’s the closest thing we’ve found so far.

Next step is to contact the manufacturer and see if they have anything. On a more positive notw, I managed to give the ceiling another coat today and i’ll go to B&Q tomorrow to get a new door, hinges, arcitrave, door handle and white paint. Nice.


Bathroom DYI progress…

Some good progress in the bathroom and also the living room.

The ceiling and walls have all had a single coat which evens out the various colours of the base walls, either plaster or plasterboards. I’ve also cut the alcitrave  for around the window frame which defines the edges of the window and provides some extra relief, to what was a very flat surface since plastering. Now it’s ready for the coloured top coats and the skirting boards.

Also just fitted the new door for the under-stairs cupboard which makes a massive difference to the space. Still have to put the handles on to match the main door and the arcitrave but it’s all moving forwards again!