Day 043 – painting at home…

Home education with the boys at home today, started out with some colouring, painting and workbooks. I love the wet poster-paint effects and the streaks of colour which appear in the partially mixed paint pots – I just wish the glistening and vibrant nature of it would stay – part of the reason why i’m now experimenting with acrylic paint : )

Inside paint pot 24.06.13 Paint splatter 24.06.13 Colour wheel 24.06.13


‘Journey To Red’ – Laura Harris…

Amazing detail, blending of colours and textures. The eye is almost drawn to the centre ground of the painting, away from the intense colour and texture.

journey to red - laura harris

Still tracking down ideas for acrylic art techniques and styles.


Day 019…

Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, Sap Green and Titanium White. Not always the colours i’m naturally drawn too but this is a detail of one of my recent acrylic paintings.



Acrylic painting…

Another adventure into acrylic painting. With these two paintings I was trying to exaggerate the contrasts between the colours, textures and patterns. I feel there was some success, in that there are details which show that contrast quite vividly, particularly the central green line against the background of white.

Acrylic painting 31.05.13 - 3 Acrylic painting 31.05.13 - 5 Acrylic painting 31.05.13 - 2

The second example was less subtle and was more about blending techniques and seeing how using the pure white colour would blend with the stronger background colours. A slightly murky result but i’m following (or trying to) the path of trial and error where i’m learning the craft and testing different colours and techniques : )


First acrylic painting efforts…

So, since embarking on a new creative endeavour in acrylic painting, i’ve only managed a couple of separate sessions since the start of April. Not exactly setting the art world alight but it’s a start.

I’ve been accumulating notes and ideas for years, covering a range of styles, mediums and approaches but actually getting the ideas translated into something more tangible has proved slightly tricky.

Anyway, a few starting attempts in acrylic. The first thing was the amazingly vivid colours, which stayed strong and rich. The water-based paints I had been experimenting with lost their colour intensity when dry. So far, so good.

Here are the first few tests at the start of April…

I’ve been trying use different techniques and colours to see what works well and what I feel is a natural and comfortable approach, without being afraid to try new things.

Here are the latest paintings…

Apart from the main canvas board, I tried a similar pressed colour technique on the smaller scale, with blank postcards. In a way this is much more satisfying, with quick results and more focus on a simple idea rather than a composition.

So far, i’ve picked out some details in the main image which I like, which I might try and do more with or use again, as a whole image or composition is well beyond what I can do so far. The main thing so far has been the colour blending using a hard and straight edge (a paint scraper) which I used to press the colours together, while drawing the blade down the canvas. The applied colours led to single and blended colours.

I’ll need to spend a lot more time on this and hopefully I can use the garden over the summer as painting area : )


‘Rainbow Scrape’ – start to finish…

We had finished painting a few pictures and there was still what looked like a completely untouched palette of various colours. So, instead of just washing this up and wasting the paint, I decided to use the paints and see what happened.

Each stage was completely improvised with no previous idea of any structure or even use of tools. The end of a paint brush was first used to cut across the individual colours then the blending got stronger. I used the straight edge of a spirit level to get the smeared effects and raised and lowered it as I drew it across the page.

I then added another piece of A3 paper to extend the image – maybe 1 step too far for the final product but it was fun to try out something i’ve never attempted before : )


The application of colour…

Layers of colour, one after the other, different marks and different effects.


Protected: Art / straw blow-painting…

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Protected: Painting session…

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Paint and ink patterns…

As Jac was painting, he was mixing up the different colours in the trays and he created some cool effects. I also tried some ink art, using straws to blow the ink around the page.


Protected: Family at the allotment…

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Protected: Allotment adventures…

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Protected: Toilet roll tube circle painting…

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Protected: DIY weekend…

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Pre-Winter house / life organising…

This year we are going to be sorted out before winter hits, around the end of September.

We’ve already had the external insulated render done and I finished chopping our firewood at the end of April (giving a good 6 months seasoning time). We’ve started the allotment and aim to do the major rotavating in the autumn. We’ve painted the stairs fun colours and applied the first coat of paint to the newly plastered upstairs hallway/landing areas.

So, we’re now onto the next phase, which will include getting the wardrobes back onto the landing and out of both the boy’s room and our room, shifting the bed and chest of drawers (which our lovely friends have just given us!) around in our bedroom, buying some tall Ikea storage shelves for the under stairs cupboard, putting all the random boxes and toys in these new shelves, finishing off the last piece of skirting behind the sofa, finishing painting the skirting, re-painting the walls and fire place area, ordering a single stone piece for the hearth (probably Forest of Dean stone), fixing edging around the hearth, painting the shelves to the right of the fireplace, stacking logs under these shelves, finding a battered old armchair to go in front of the logs, fitting the new kitchen worktops and hobb, building the new electric meter box cupboard, cutting the new mixing table to size and building a wooden cover which slides over it all.

I’m sure there’s something i’ve missed out but those are the main things! This will make the winter much more bearable and mean less stress all round.