Day 061 – Evesham Park…

Another very hot heat-wave day, this time in Evesham, about 40-minutes drive from Gloucester. A great combination of formal gardens, historic buildings, large children’s play areas (including sand pits and water fountains) and ponds.

Evesham Park 12.07.13 - 34 Evesham Park 12.07.13 - 15


Day 058 – water ride framework…

A colourful stack of metal supports ready to be unloaded and built.

Docks and Park 08.07.13 - 10 Docks and Park 08.07.13 - 12 Docks and Park 08.07.13 - 07 Docks and Park 08.07.13 - 13


Day 025…

A fungus detail on some scavenged wood from my local park. The busiest time relating to wood is during the summer months, when any and every piece of fallen wood is collected and we have our main delivery of mixed hard wood.

Garden details 06.06.13 - 1


Day 013…

Some much-needed outside time with the boys. A walk past the BMX and skate park area and some new graffiti to be impressed by.

Gloucester Park 25.05.13 - 07 Gloucester Park 25.05.13 - 10 Gloucester Park 25.05.13 - 12 Gloucester Park 25.05.13 - 20 Gloucester Park 25.05.13 - 08 Gloucester Park 25.05.13 - 09


Red light – red sunset…

A view from Cebert Street playground…

Cebert Street  park 05.12.12 - 10 Cebert Street  park 05.12.12 - 15 Cebert Street  park 05.12.12 - 17

‘Yes boys, i’ll push you on the swings in a minute…’. : )


‘Graffiti UK’…

Some faded and battered graffiti in Gloucester Park. Love the textures and patterns.


Climbing ropes…

Some nice contrasts between the ropes and the winter sky. A climbing structure in the park forming a partial silhouette.


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Count to 100…!

Well, Jamie constantly surprises me. We’ve obviously been talking to him about numbers for a while now and in the last 6 months he’s been getting more and more confident and capable.

His latest thing is counting to 100. Really impressed with the speed at which he’s understood the process. It must have been 6 weeks ago when I was walking with them to climbing on a Monday and explaining to him how the 10 numbers (such as 10, 20, 30 etc) followed the same sequence as the numbers from 1 to 10. At that point he didn’t know the sequences of 10’s and kept asking what came next after each one. I kept saying it always starts from 1 again, you just add the ’10’ number to the front, as in thirty-one, thirty-two etc.

Anyway, less than 3 weeks later we were walking through the park as a family and he started to count to 100. He did it easily and Claire said he had done that with a her a couple of times! Since then, i’ve heard him do it a few times. It’s amazing to see how as soon as one part of the whole process is understood, it all falls into place.


Protected: Zip wire…

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Kite flying…

Boys had loads of fun at the local park with Grandma’s kite!

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A good windy day after going to group. Jamie kept the kite up for maybe 5 minutes and handled it really well. Jac also had a go but was mainly running around!


Feather then quill…

I found an amazing feather by the bandstand in the park and brought it home to show Claire. I then thought why not do something with it, rather than just chasing the cat around the house and tickling Jamie!

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So, I cut the end to a point and turned it into a nice quill. Jamie had a go at writing with it using some black poster paint stuff, but it was a bit watery. I then used the proper writing ink which worked much better.

I also made a lego ‘days’ sign and printed off the days of the week for the boys to look at. I’ve been trying to draw attention to the days for Jamie and generally talk about it whenever I remember! So far we’ve talked about the structure of the words (they all end in ‘day’) and the number (there are 7) and when the week starts (Sunday or Monday depending who you are) and when Mummy and Daddy are at work.


Gloucester Park…

Another trip out on the road to recovery from the lurgy. It was a lovely clear day with great light.

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Jamie was doing really well on his scooter and has just picked it up so well.


Nice day off…

Nice day on Monday. Claire took the day off and we went over to the main park and into town (after eco surveyor had been).

Clear and mild autumn day with amazing light. Pics taken with Nokia phone camera. Random blue light is in the toilet right by the playground!


Fireworks at Gloucester Park…

The end of the Summer festival in Gloucester, with a fireworks display at the park.

I took these pics from our garden which is only a 20 minute walk from the park – good job i’ve got a good zone on the camera!

Jamie was still up so Claire rushed out in the direction of the park. They had a quick ride on the top level of a double-decker bus and saw the display from just outside the park. Jamie wasn’t sure about the noise though and said that fireworks are only for bigger children!