Canterbury Fork, carpet and potatoes…

A very satisfying trip to the plot, on my birthday! A very cold day but fairly clear.

The good thing about the very cold and unseasonal weather has been the suppression of the grass and weeds so it has looked virtually the same for the last 4 months, including the state of the undug ground!

So, I managed to move the plot on a bit and have now dug over another part of the central area, between the raised beds and last years potato patch. This will be this years potato patch, leaving last years potato area for peas and beans. The area had been covered by a tarpaulin over the winter which possibly helped keep the weeds down, but there was still a lot of tough grass and accompanying roots to remove.

It was also a good chance to test out the new Canterbury Fork. Overall it was a bit easier using this, compared to the traditional fork, but I wouldn’t say there was a lot in it. The downside was getting the soil and clay off the fork, which was slightly more tricky than a normal fork. I even managed to bend my spade! I may have to use the solid metal one i’ve got at home next time : )


Peas please…


Rocket Gardens comes through…!

The new Rocket Garden shipment arrived and has been distributed in the garden and allotment.

It’s been raining everyday for weeks and we’ve just had the wettest April for 100 years, so getting these things planted has been a mission. Even so, I got to the allotment in the evening and was out there still at 8.30pm.

There was red, white and savoy cabbages, beetroot, carrots, spinach, leeks, peas for the allotment and herbs (sage, thyme, chives and rosemary), lettuce and rocket for the garden.

Next job is to attack the rapidly expanding weed population and finish digging over the plot, ready for the next batch.