Jamie and letters…

Claire has had a great idea of using pegs and cards to match up letters and words to try and teach the boys more about reading.

We had 10 minutes earlier where I encouraged the boys to try out the peg word game. They both joined in and we managed to go through various words and letters, talk about how each sounds, how the name of each can be different to the sound they make and what other words are within the larger words.

The main one was LEGO where you can make LEG, EGO and GO, just by using the letters in the same order.

The other morning, I came downstairs and the first thing Jamie said to me was…

J: ‘Rabbits and¬†Giraffes can’t climb trees bur rabbits can dig holes and giraffes can get leaves with their long necks.

¬†Me: ‘How did you learn that then?’

J: ‘Because i’m good!’

He’s a cute kid and it’s amazing seeing him developing in so many ways. Jac is also developing but sometimes it’s easy to not see this as much as Jamie, because Jamie is always breaking new ground. The thing is, Jac is also breaking new ground every day as everything he is doing is original and unique.