Photo-a-day STOP : )

Ok, i’ve been attempting to come up with a photo (at least one) every day for the past 2 months, only posting the images i’ve actually taken on that day. The first 61 days have gone really well but i’ve started to feel the whole process is becoming too pressured in a number of ways. I love taking photos and capturing unique moments in life but now is maybe not the right time for this project.


We keep a private kids blog for all their home education activities and life adventures and this has been slightly overlooked recently!

My cousin is getting married early in August and my family are making the trip over there from England, including some very interesting destinations along the way (Chicago, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle) I haven’t been to the States for 20 years and this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. There are just too many things to organise for that!

At the start, the process was useful and the pressure of needing that one shot each day did lead to some good results and some different perspectives, but there are just too many things being affected. I’m finding all the other creative parts of my life are suffering – painting, mixing records, energy for creative ideas for the kids. I’m also finding the time it takes to put the photo post on takes away from other posting ideas, such as sustainability, politics, football and architecture/design.

So, i’ve enjoyed the experience over the last 61 days and maybe there’ll be another series at some point. I’m hoping to blog while in the States for 3 weeks so there should be a few opportunities for some photography while over there (under statement of the century). I’m guessing that i’ll come back with more than a few photos so that should keep the blog happy for a while : )


Simple wall stuck photos…

There is something very elegant about fixing simple printed photos to a clean white wall…

Sackler Building interior

Photo courtesy of:


Saudade by Wouter Brandsma…

A very interesting and well produced photo book: a great range of photos and all high quality + inspiring.


Walking home from work…

Walking home on a cold and dark night after work. Reflections, contrasts, high exposures, shadows and blurs.


S100 camera test – around Gloucester…

I’ve just bought the Canon PowerShot S100 compact camera and i’ve been testing it out, both today around Gloucester in my lunch break and on Saturday when we went to Tewkesbury Abbey.

Here are the Gloucester images taken on a clear, bright and cold day, with some high wind by the Docks.

Compared with my digital SLR, it’s performing very well, but there is a very slight quality difference. This is compensated by the very slim and light body, the HD video, image stabilisation, the easy to change image sizes (exciting new square format!) and the 12 MP. This is basically the best compact camera on the market and it’s going to be with me when i’m out and about day to day, when I would normally just walk past these sorts of picture opportunities!


Leaving the allotment…

Some sunset images and a nice clear shot of the half moon…

Half Moon (taken with Canon 400D shutter 1/1250 sec, medium quality, exported at medium also from iphoto)


Karina Heneghan ‘visual poetry’…

Some amazing images from Karina Heneghan from her visual poetry section on the website. These are just a few of them. The landscape images are stunning.


Lygia Pape’s ‘Livro do Tempo’…

‘As a retrospective of Brazilian modernist artist Lygia Pape takes place at London’s Serpentine gallery, critic Adrian Searle discusses Livro do Tempo (The Book of Time), an installation of 365 wooden objects. Pape, who died in 2004, was a founder of the neo-concrete movement, dedicated to the inclusion of art into everyday life.’

Lygia Pape’s Livro do Tempo

This is very inspiring stuff. I’ve had an image of basically something very much like this in my head for maybe a year and this shows how effective this approach can be.

My idea is to present the images, shots, snaps, photos which i’ve been using for my blog header over the last 2.5 years (plus other selected images) as a series of life frames. The idea wouldn’t be to present them in an overly formal way and to also not focus the images into a formal band at eye level. I would like to present something which people would explore and use the wall space more thoroughly.

The video also talks about the ‘gaps’ in the installation, which represent missing days, or re-arranged days. The gaps could form a significant pattern.


Protected: November play…

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Nobis House – Munich…

Following my last post about the use of wood in architecture, another incredible example of this approach, this time from Munich…

The Nobis House is an interesting minimalist structure which has flexible spaces and a very open view and perspective. The use of light is very effective as is the use of wood.

Another more fun design element is the use of fabrics and colour and just lots of fun…

The Willy Wonka House, New York.


Bouldering 3 – in search of new heights…

So, my 3rd bouldering adventure at the Warehouse in Gloucester.

Some great photos by my colleague in climbing (i’ll call him SKP) – they beat the ones I took hands down!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This was probably the best session so far as I know more what to expect and know the routes I want to try out. The technique seems to be improving for both SKP and I and we’re managing to get around the walls more quickly. We’re also able to complete a couple of the routes which we were only half finishing before.

I was hiring some Boreal shoes this time, which to be fair, weren’t as good as the La Sportiva ones. The toes were too tight on the sides and the grip was too smooth. SKP’s father in law is kindly lending me his spare shoes until I can get some of my own + a chalk bag. I’ll see how these fit and hopefully then not have to pay the £2.50 each time to hire them!

So, this time we were trying to get across the gap between the main central boulder, to the side wall, via a single grip fixed to the top board near the ceiling. We didn’t quite do it but when I reached across with my foot, I was about 10 cms away from the other side! It’s going to have to be a swing across and hope the holds work. It’s high enough to be a nervous experience (even with thick crash mats) and it’s an amazing feeling.


Jamie’s pictures…

Some nice photos by Jamie, using my digital SLR…