Scattered colour images…

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Photos from Japan…

A couple of high impact images from the last few days, from Japan.


Exhibition private view + setup…

Big thanks to everyone who came to the private view last Tuesday 12th, especially given the snow and ice! I got some good feedback from people and I think it went well. It was only 1.5 hrs long which was a good amount of time to have some food and look around etc, without getting boring. It was also a good chance to get people out and do something different.

Because of it, I think at least 2 other people are considering exhibitions of their work, so a good influence.

Comments book 1

Comments book 2

Big thanks also to Mum and Claire who helped set everything up and especially to Claire for organising the food, which quite a few people commented on – actually more than the photos!!

These are a few of the photos from the night but there are more taken by the organiser which i’ll get next week then update.