Glass ice…

I recently unpacked an old box full of pint glasses from my free and easy days at university. One of them had broken and shattered producing hundreds of tiny pieces. I added this glass to a bowl which already had another broken purple glass and decided to create a photo opportunity…

Glass ice 13.01.13 - 12 Glass ice 13.01.13 - 04 Glass ice 13.01.13 - 01 Glass ice 13.01.13 - 09 Glass ice 13.01.13 - 05 Glass ice 13.01.13 - 17 Glass ice 13.01.13 - 11 Glass ice 13.01.13 - 18

Contact sheet: Glass ice 13.01.13

Part of the inspiration is winter and light, with cold hard edges and sharp angles. The torch light enhanced the effects and the colours.



Potato knowledge…!

Ok, in my quest for huge levels of amazing organic fruit and vegetables from the allotment, i’ve been doing some potato growing research. Various sources, including books, verbal and internet.

РPlant seed potatoes in rows 75cm apart for main crops and for 2nd earlies. 60 cms apart for 1st earlies.

– Place each potato 10-15 cms down into trench and up to 30cms apart within each row.

РUse a fertiliser directly around potatoes with lots of organic matter, including potash.

– Lightly cover potatoes then as each new shoot comes through. At a height of 15cms, cover with just 5 cms showing through. The bases of the plants must be covered to avoid scalding by sun which makes green areas on potatoes which taste bitter and contain a poisonous alkaloid.

– The new growth potatoes always develop above the height of the original seed potato.

– Cuts can be made and each seed potato can be divided up with each piece having a single bud. See images below for my latest plant experiment! : )

– If you want to store potatoes, leave them in ground for at least 2 weeks after plant has died back for the potatoes to develop thicker skins.

– Use straw or newspaper between layers of stored potatoes – keeping for 6-8 months.