Cityscape tea towel…!

Love it! Thanks to, via Pinterest.


Space Needle dictionary print…

From, via Pinterest.

Here’s my neon version…


Matt’s blog gets the social media treatment…!

The power of social media…

As an experiment, Claire ‘pinned’ 4 of my recent blog images, including a few of my own photos and one of the melting crayon ones which I in turn had copied from the original website. The above image is the result of that single action.

Going from an average of around 100 hits per day with no personal social media platforms (such as facebook, pinterest, linkedin, blogger, twitter etc), the single day jumped to 672! At first it was quite cool, but then it just got ridiculous.

The other interesting thing about it was that all of the hits were very insubstantial, or shallow, without meaning. They were just hits, without any response, feedback, comment, ‘likes’ etc. There was no follow up at all. The far fewer number of previous hits had produced much more feedback. I love scanning through Pinterest for creative ideas, just like Flickr, but I suppose the gaining of this level of hits (with such an increase) has slightly put me off, in a strange way.

This does also show the power of incredible photos, to inspire and push people to action. The crayon image was re-pinned 223 times, with the total number of hits to my blog, via Pinterest, being 394, with 345 being specifically for the crayon image. It’s a very unique image and something very cool and visually stimulating. This is defo on my list for the next cold and wet day!