Allotment planting plan…

Here’s my latest attempt to plan out the first phase of the allotment…

I’ve been motivated into this because my Mum has very generously bought us a Constant Garden, from Rocket Gardens, which means lots of deliveries of little plants every month or so. The list on the plan is just what is included in the second delivery! The first delivery has just arrived and is a selection of potatoes, but after that, it all really kicks off!

I may have to dig over the last section to get it all in but have nearly finished setting out raised beds and the main planting area is pretty much ready also – we’ll at least have a load of spuds to keep us going. : )


Allotment plan…?

A couple of initial idea plans for the allotment…

There’s a combination of car tyres, raised beds and open ground, with an area at the back for non-planting, such as seats, compost and shed + water butt.

The great thing about the raised beds is that the kids can each have their own and we can still have loads of area and raised beds for planting.