Cornwall camping: day 5…

As starts to the day go, this wasn’t the best!

Packing up all our stuff into a very compact car while it was raining and getting stuck in the mud on the way out of the field – how does that sound? Being pulled out of the mud by a cool tractor was good and the boys loved that bit.

The idea for the last day in Cornwall was to pack up early and drive straight to St. Austell and the Eden Project, for as long as we could get there. After the first shower, it was clear skies and some sunshine which was fine for Eden, which has exhibits and landscaping & attractions both inside biospheres and outside in the surrounding landscape.

Since Claire and I went about 7 years ago during its first year open, it has changed a lot – grown up in many ways, with more facilities, bigger exhibits and lots more parking! It’s essentially an ecological and horticultural theme park, with the huge tropical biomes being the main attraction.

The boys loved it there and we saw all their favourite fruits – apples, bananas, mangoes and lots of cool play areas both inside and out, including an amazing bamboo and metal house on stilts in the main tropical biome. We made it to the top of the biome even though it was very very hot and humid inside.

Highly recommend it and was managed to get back home safely, through some more torrential rain on the motorways!



Garden work…

Lots of progress outside in the end. We got the plant house up and secured in place and the car loaded with more stuff for the dump. The plant house was a 30th birthday present from my Mum to Claire.

Also managed to dry another 2 loads of washing! There’s still plenty of space along the south-facing fence and we now have 7 growing areas around the house; 4 raised or ground beds at the back, 1 growing plant house, front beds, hanging basket area by the kitchen window and finally, a potting/growing table by the old bathroom wall (which is SW facing and gets loads of afternoon sun).