Day 042 – Perrygrove Railway…

Just got back from an entertaining day out at Perrygrove Railway, near Coleford, in the Forest of Dean, just to the West of Gloucester. Lots of little steam engines to see and carriages to ride on, through dense forest areas.

Perrygrove Railway 23.06.13 - 16 Perrygrove Railway 23.06.13 - 28

Anyway, great for the kids and a good Sunday out.



Alternate universe…

A trip to a local playground. The boys were playing on a climbing frame with some binoculars on top. I had a look through and saw some crazy patterns – checked my eyes then looked again!


Stratford Park abstracts…

A great day out at Stratford Park with the boys. Clear and bright with an autumn nip in the air – lots of good direct sunshine with shadows everywhere! The leaves are starting to turn and fall from the trees and my favourite time of the year : )


Protected: Jac around Tewkesbury…

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Playground abstracts…

While at the playground today, the shadows and contrasts created by the clear and bright winter sun created some interesting images. Frost left over from the night was stubbornly hanging around in places.

We scootered and ran around for hours playing robbers and policemen. The boys don’t seem to mind the cold at all on the coldest and brightest days, but do a bit during the windy and wet days. It’s the best sort of winter day, out in the clear and bright outdoors.


Protected: November play…

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Westonbirt winter escape…

The weather looked too good this morning, to pass up on a trip out with the boys. So, we packed up and headed to Westonbirt Arboretum, for some tree-based fun!

There’s loads to do there, including many walks, playground and a number of play areas in the woods. Our membership there expires the first week in March, so I want to make good use of it while it lasts.

So, we had a great time even if it was pretty cold. Some nice sunny patches and no rain and it was quite quiet there. Lots of running around and all the main kids things are pretty close to the parking and visitor centre so pretty good for families. The boys were really getting into the cabin in the woods and Jac would have stayed there even longer.


They’re both on the swings…!

OMG! I couldn’t believe it yesterday but Jamie actually asked to go on the swings at our local playground! He’s never been keen on them but he’s going through a ‘brave’ phase, after the Colourscape thing at the park + the carousel!


Adventure playground…

Last day of egg collecting from our friends while they’re on hols. Stopped at the playground on the way and Jamie had a great time.

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The pics haven’t come out that badly, considering i’m just using my phone camera + they are always exported from my Mac as the lowest quality images. The focus is a bit dodgy though and there’s a bit of a time lag for each picture!