‘Over the horizon of total understanding’…

into the realm of god and ‘over the horizon of total understanding.’

to infinity, and beyond the balance on a knife edge.

the long road of cosmology, knowledge and the boundaries of why.

meaning and purpose for biological pre-dispositions.


Guildhall art & ideas…

A new exhibition at the Guildhall in Gloucester is well worth a visit. It’s a range of art quilts by Bethan Ash, which are very impressive.

A bit of a Matisse journey through shapes and colour and a range of approaches and styles. Some interesting patterns and techniques used, but at times slightly too busy. It’s obvious she has a well developed skill and eye for design though.

Another small presentation in the corridor leading to the cafe shows students work, which is also worth seeing. There’s also a few framed prints by Kel Portman (www.artworks.eu.com). These caught my eye partly because of the style of the photographs (abstract but with a clear subject, if that makes any sense??), but mostly for the layout and design of the sheets.

There is a main image, which is a squashed horizontal, which has details of the photo printed underneath, including date, title, description of photo, background + a short poem! Brilliant. the text he used is two shades of grey, which emphasises the different parts + there is a central break line. Using a poem is a great idea, being brief but related.

The paper he uses is great. It’s a slightly thicker than normal type, which is also textured and rough around the edges. The photo itself is very clear and smooth and the contrast wirks really well. This type of thing could easily stand on its own, without a frame and i’m going to use this approach for the next exhibition, or just for my own house. This would also be cheaper, with no frames + more flexible.

The other prints used a much simpler format, with just the image, with a pencil poem under, still with the rough paper. Very nice overall result and good way to combine art, photography, information, graphics and poetry.

I find sometimes that art without any information is slightly de-valued because of it. Art for it’s own sake is amazing, but if the art is for public consumption, the lack of a story or information relating to it presents itself only on a limited number of levels. By giving some information, this allows people a fuller experience of the artwork.



It’s strange where inspiration can come from sometimes…

We just received a Christmas card from my sister and her partner. On the front are a number of quotes from the poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti, titled ‘I am Waiting’.

The line which really stood out for me goes, ‘…and I am waiting perpetually and forever a renaissance of wonder.’

So, I typed ‘perpetual renaissance’ into Google and the following webpage came up…


It’s an article by an English teacher posting on denverpost.com and really sums up what we’re trying to do with our kids, or that’s the plan anyway! It’s what you see in people all the time. It’s what you see at work. It’s what you hope isn’t happening to society but suspect it already has.

Don’t lose the wonder and inspiration of life.


Poem – ‘Art without architecture?…

Exploration of extremes

Range of contrasts

Voice of reason

And of apprehension

After the break

Stutter and shake

Form and reason

Curves and appreciation

Art without architecture?

Style and no substance

Into the dark

And that’s it.

Inspired by an article in the Guardian about visual art and its relationship to the architecture which it is displayed in or on.


‘Everything and nothing’ – poem (24.05.10)…

Repeat on all layers

The random appearance

Fade to grey on the back layer

Alternate the grouping and…

Repeat and blend

The guides to positions are everything

Leave the shades and modulations

Copy over everything


Fade out…


‘Should I take the advice?’ – poem (24.05.10)…

A second is the longest time

Hold me, I need you

Downcast but not downtrodden

Spring and tide comes up

Value is nothing

Break and chimes the cut

Riff Raff and True Playaz

Grind the mp5 down into all the bits

Walking up the dark stairs

Into the fluctuating wall of sound

Cap down and no movement

Eyes out scanning

No movement – how?

The vertical rest at the end of the Rider

Sometimes a capital is required.


‘Memory’ – my 2nd poem (19.02.10)

My 2nd ever poem: essentially about how I found music and drum & bass + the nights out at ‘The Tube’ (a disco club in bristol).

I remember the extended version,

when all the braces & notes had

a strength of reason & familiarity.

I remember the evaporated water

falling like rain in the tropical caves.

I remember the tremor of a future

where thrills and failure fall together.

I’ve forgotten who I am and maybe

who I could be…


‘Sun’ – my 1st poem (19.02.10)…

Now that my exhibition has finished, there’s a bit of a creative gap in my life – so for some reason, I just sat down listening to music and started writing a poem…??

I’ve never been into poety at all and have always been more drawn to the visual arts (but mostly photography and graphic design). I guess i’m exploring ‘creativity’ as a whole.

Anyway, a new category for my blog!

My 1st poem:

while all around is so fake,

the dirty marks & rusko:

in for the kill.

the balance of things but

withered by the sun.

the blunt sharp edge of our lives

but we still get drawn down.

all feeling and all heart

it comes and goes, but goes all.