Climate change, changing the sceptics minds…

Another climate sceptic falls away but we’re still very far away from what the author of the report (Prof Richard Muller) sees as the difficult part: agreeing across the political and diplomatic spectrum about what can and should be done.

Prof Richard Muller, a physicist and climate change sceptic who founded theBerkeley Earth Surface Temperature (Best) project, said he was surprised by the findings. “We were not expecting this, but as scientists, it is our duty to let the evidence change our minds.” He added that he now considers himself a “converted sceptic” and his views had undergone a “total turnaround” in a short space of time.

“Our results show that the average temperature of the Earth’s land has risen by 2.5F over the past 250 years, including an increase of 1.5 degrees over the most recent 50 years. Moreover, it appears likely that essentially all of this increase results from the human emission of greenhouse gases,” Muller wrote in an opinion piece for the New York Times.