Introducing the new ‘open plan toilet’…!

Before everyone reaches for the ‘report post / mature content’ button, let me explain this (admittedly bizarre) image, in the form of a story.

‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief…’ (A Tale of Two Cities) Only joking – here’s the real story : )

It was a Friday evening and it had been a week of unusual tensions at work and at home. It was the season of darkness and cold, of perpetual rain and relentless wind.

To counter the prevailing circumstances of the day, we found ourselves ensconced in the warm belly of the Pelican. The hour was ‘happy’ and the cost per pint was £2 – a handy figure for weary travellers of the life modern.

The occasion was Friday – an occasion in itself. The city was under the cosh of floods and the memories of the wetter 2007, when water for the city had been cut, while the rain poured down.

So to the the Pelican, a watering hole of reclaim and note. A round table of discussion and tales of the day, and yesterdays. Stories of B52s and the Halifax, pints lined up and sunbathing in warmer times. Stories of Apocalypse Now and ceiling fans spinning. The recoil from guns. Stories of the internet, clever phones and blogs.

And the Pelican rising from the ashes of abandonment, to be forsaken no more – a new life and new ideals. I give you the ‘open plan toilet’!

Note: I should probably actually try and explain this. Both the guys weren’t actually using the facilities, just posing for the picture. The amazing thing about the setup is, fairly obviously, the lack of walls! The renovations need to pick up speed me thinks. A new concept in our brave new world – not sure if it’ll catch on though : )