Technics music blur…

the wheels of steel spin and the camera clicks. I think I need to spend more time actually mixing rather than taking pictures of the equipment!



Murgency music…!

Just listening to the new releases on Juno Records first thing in the morning, while Claire and Jac are still in slumberland… Listening to this track from A-Sides.

Jamie: “Hey daddy, this sounds like ‘murgency music’ – this is the sort of music I like!”

Me: “Do you mean ’emergency’?”

Jamie: “No, I mean murgency!”

Me: “Cool, I like murgency music too!”

Nice. Out

Jac mixing…

Part of the boys continuing and varied education!

Jac was looking quite closely at the plate of the deck and the patterns in the side. He was stopping the deck with his finger and also practising switching the fader across plus the kill switches.


Boys mixing…

Some nice pics of the boys messing about in the music / toilet / cat room! This was 05.02.11, just after a big sort out.

It can get a bit stressful, especially with Jac, but it’s good for them to experience various sorts of music! Plus they really love it.


Music room mixing…

The new music room has been getting a fair bit of use… not by me though!

Every day Jamie asks if he can go in the music room! He’s learning about how to get a record out, put it on the turntable, put the stylus on (nicely!!) and the various controls on the mixer and amp. He gets pretty excited and loves spinning the record really fast. Jac also gets in there and jumps around and loves switching the mixer and amp off and on!

Now I just need those slipmats so I can mix some tunes together!