Day 054 – Wenchford…

We’re in the middle of a mini heat-wave which is meant to last for the next few days, meaning the weekend should be hot and sunny. Today was the same and we drove into the Forest of Dean, to a place called Wenchford, where a stream runs through the forest and creates lots of paddling areas.

Wenchford  05.07.13 - 20 IMG_4287 IMG_4337 IMG_4338 IMG_4302 IMG_4259 IMG_4288


Day 045 – cloudscape…

A sunny day walking around the Docks and spending a bit of time looking into the water : ) The first image is part of an outboard motor.

Docks and canal 26.06.13 - 02 Docks and canal 26.06.13 - 04 Docks and canal 26.06.13 - 04 - Version 2

Two versions of the same image above. The original colour version was converted and enhanced in iphoto and it’s amazing the difference which can be achieved.


Day 044 – Around the Docks…

A decaying long boat moored in the Barge Arm, within Gloucester Docks.

Gloucester  Docks 25.06.13 - 04 Gloucester  Docks 25.06.13 - 08

The reflection of the Docks Museum and one of its exhibits – a steam dredger once used to clear the canal and basins of silt.


Day 003…

No enhancement necessary – red pond weed with tree reflections : )

Red water 15.05.13


A picture a day: Day 001…

I’ve seen many other blogs which post at least one image everyday for a year. Maybe as a way to inspire yourself to focus on photography and promote consistency. There are probably many different reasons but i’ve decided to do the same and this is the first day ‘001’. Hopefully each image will appear daily but no doubt life and all its wonderful elements will conspire to delay various photos from reaching the photo cloud.

Gloucester Docks light reflections and building shadow.

Docks light 13.05.13 - 21


Lock Warehouse lighting scheme…

The latest architectural lighting scheme for Gloucester, applied to the Grade ll listed Lock Warehouse within the docks basin.

Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 20 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 10 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 08 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 19 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 15 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 13 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 02

Here’s the gallery format for the photos…

The scheme is made up of 24, bi-directional wall-mounted lights, which illuminate both the building itself and the area surrounding the building.


Tunnel vision & reflections…

Running through a soft play area with the boys, it all felt a bit blurred…

Go Bananas 24.01.13 - 14 Go Bananas 24.01.13 - 17 Go Bananas 24.01.13 - 19

It must have been all of the activity and lights : )


Rococo Garden…

Clarity in a season of rain. Contrasts, light, shadows and reflections.

A chance call to the Gardens on the day before their official season opening. I’m very glad I did. The first snow drops of the season appear which is something i’ve missed for the past 2 years! The beautiful red and brown beech leaves lying all over the ground.


Saundersfoot / Tenby: Day 1…

The last holiday of the year, to Tenby (SW Wales). The house in Saundersfoot had all the mod cons, including Blu-Ray internet TV! A short drive to the beach and great to be by the coat again.

Some patterns in the sand and health & safety sign meets tagging!


Blurred reflections and textures…

The reflected surface of sheet material – distortions are real and not enhanced : )


Fairy light reflections…

A new installation of fairly lights in the kitchen produces some nice effects!