A cold walk in the woods…

A very cold walk in the winter woods, at Crickley Hill.

Crickley Hill 12.01.13 - 01 Crickley Hill 12.01.13 - 03 Crickley Hill 12.01.13 - 13 Crickley Hill 12.01.13 - 07 Crickley Hill 12.01.13 - 17

The seeping cold penetrates even wrapped up people after 2 hours but it makes me feel alive. : )



Dig for victory…!

Well, my arms are now officially tired, after an hour of bouldering last night and 2 hours of allotment digging today.

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Joe and I made some serious progress and dug over half of the area beyond the raspberry bushes (area of roughly 8 x 5 metres = 40m2). This has made the plot actually look like someone is looking after it and we’re nearly catching up with the other very energetic other plot holders!

We also finished digging the section by the shed where the well-made sand pit was! Unfortunately all the sand had gone really manky and filled with all sorts of bugs and other worms etc. Lots of plants were also growing out of it so we’ll have to turn one of the raised beds into a sand pit when we place all of those early next year.

Some of the mounds of manure which had just been collected from the equestrian centre (3 separate trips back and forth!) were forked over and into the freshly dug ground, along with a tub of our own compost. We separated out all the obvious roots and clumps of grass and also now have a good sized pile of hay which has been cleared from the surface after being killed off under the black sheet.

So, we’ve now managed to dig over about half the total growing area and seem to be on course to get the whole area dug by Christmas.