Saundersfoot / Tenby: Day 5…

Wow – Tenby’s Castle beach at low tide! Awesome sight.

Miles of clean yellow sand against a rocky and urban backdrop. Caves, forts, caste remains, sand dunes and shallow waters.

We descended the steep steps set into the cliff and walked around to Castle Beach from the end of South Beach. Not many people out but the sun was : )

The new Tenby lifeboat station was great to see as was the Grand Designs previous lifeboat station which has been converted into a house, complete with private mooring. I can completely see why the owner decided to do this.



Saundersfoot / Tenby: Day 3…

A breezy and sunny day at the beach – water guns, spades, wet suits, buckets and sand castles!

Lots of digging, paddling and general beach fun. The Goskar Rock is an awesome sight and had to be climbed! Fairly easy on the way up but not so easy coming down. Great view from up there though and a good view of the patterns I made in the sand.

The mini-spade we had bought the day before came in very useful here. The view of Tenby from the beach was amazing and the changing light through the day, as well as the changing effect of the tides, created a stunning setting.


At-Bristol abstracts…

Some nice abstract images from a trip to the Bristol science centre.

Spinning metal, green bubble solution, light dangles and patterns in a sand spinner…


New sand pit…

We had the bottom of one of the freight boxes which we’re using for the raised beds, but after trying to get the base off (unsuccessfully), I thought why not use it as the lid for a new sand pit? Claire then had two cracking ideas in a row. First, just use it not as the lid but as the pit itself, then why not fix the spare wheeled board to its base so we can move it around the garden.

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Genius. So, the boys now have a new sand pit which is also raised off the ground at a good playing height for them.


Lime mortar chimney…

I’ve got some serious re-pointing to do tomorrow on the redundant chimney at the back. While the scaffolding is still up for the side render, i’m going to use this to help me out with this other important job.

We had a roofer come out to give us a quote for re-pointing that and other areas of the house but it came back at £450 just for the chimney, but only £650 to take it all down and roof over! So, instead of paying for something I can (I think) do myself, i’m going to give it a go. The materials have cost 1/10 of the quoted cost for the work, so well worth it.

So i’ve got a couple of bags of lime mortar and 3 bags of sharp sand from the Traditional Lime Company and have got to mix it together with water, in 1 part lime to 2.5 parts sand. Lime is slightly corrosive (or very depending on conditions) so gloves are a must! I’m using lime mortar instead of cement, as it allows the brickwork to breath, essentially letting moisture travel out of the bricks which may have accumulated there due to the poor mortar finish. Trapping moisture in there would just lead to problems with damp inside.

Once this is all patched up, we can look at getting some money together to do a proper roofing job, but this might take a while! Until then, i’ll patch up this and a couple of other areas.