Sea ice…

I looked out the window onto the flat roof of the dining room and found some amazing patterns. Almost like a beach and waves which have been frozen.




Saundersfoot / Tenby: Day 5…

Wow – Tenby’s Castle beach at low tide! Awesome sight.

Miles of clean yellow sand against a rocky and urban backdrop. Caves, forts, caste remains, sand dunes and shallow waters.

We descended the steep steps set into the cliff and walked around to Castle Beach from the end of South Beach. Not many people out but the sun was : )

The new Tenby lifeboat station was great to see as was the Grand Designs previous lifeboat station which has been converted into a house, complete with private mooring. I can completely see why the owner decided to do this.


Under the sea…

Claire thought about having a new learning/teaching theme each week (or every 2 weeks) which we can all work on, partly to keep us parents motivated and partly as it’s a good way of introducing and covering quite a few topics over the year. She started the underwater theme last week and i’ve continued it during my week at home, mainly because there were a few things left to do.

So far, there’s been decorating of our bay window with pictures of sea creatures, such as jelly fish, otters, whales etc and Claire went to the library and got some books out about sharks, coral reefs and dolphins & whales. Jamie was already very keen on one of his under the sea books and seems to love the whole subject.

So yesterday I printed out a number of outline images, including an eel, human scuba diver, polar bear, sea otter, octopus and turtle. We looked at pictures and talked about the various animals. Today Jamie just jumped into action and coloured in the otter (blue!) and cut it out, then stuck it on the window. We’ll do more tomorrow and we’ll also get the paints out (!!) and try and colour in some big long seaweed!

So far the idea has been good because if there’s a gap in activities, I can just bring them back to colouring in outlines or reading sea books and there’s a good focus. It’a also quite flexible, so if we take a day out (like yesterday for a trip to Slimbridge bird centre), we can easily just pick up the next day. They also might not feel like doing anything on a particular day, so it’s good to be flexible!