Bristol graffitti…

Walking up Stokes Croft in Bristol – always an uplifting experience!


Alexander Calder art…

I saw the Google graphic of the day and had a look at Alexander Calder’s work.

I’ve seen images of a few of his larger public sculptures but none of his other work. Really impressed with the forms and colours plus his development (or invention depending on who you talk to) of the art mobile.


Computer Jac…!

Jac has in the last few weeks started to get really good using the mouse and can now click the left side most of the time. Before he was having trouble with the different sides and the right click would bring up some options which would stop his game!

He’s also got really good at a shapes game on Kids_Mouse Mini, where you have to drag the right shape over the outline. There is a choice of 3 each time, of various colours, and he can do it every time. There is also an alphabet version and he’s been through all the letters before.