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Book shelves…

A great idea for book shelves for below our pin board…

This means we can have more easily accessed books and also rotate them. It would also be just the right height for the boys.


House progress…?

Ok, so there’s been very little tangible progress on the house since the solar panels went in and things have been quite delayed. The panels should have been installed after the insulated render, given the render is more of a priority! But, with the coldest December on record and one of the coldest winters for a generation, the work on the render has been put back. This is mainly due to the fact that for the render to set, the temperature has to be minimum 3 degrees Celcius, over a 3 day period. Obviously this hasn’t been possible for a while, so there is now a back-log of work which the contractor has to get done.

It’s a bit of a shame given how cold it’s been – we could have really done with modern-level insulation for our leaky Victorian house! Anyway, the panels are on the roof and are generating a small amount of leccy and work on the render will start within the next 2 weeks.

The really key thing i’m looking forward to is the work to brick up the very leaky loft window and the new loft hatch. Cold air gets right through into the house now and we’re constantly fighting against the cold coming in. The hallway area is also being plastered, meaning we can basically finish up there and get some fitted carpets in, also for the stairs.

I’ve also fitted some new shelves to the side of our main fireplace, which has made a big difference to how crowded the main bookshelf looks. Just have to paint those. We’ve also had a sort out of toys and furniture in the living room. We’ve culled lots of old toys and brought down a wooden ottoman chest from the loft, to store our mass of wooden train track. Next job is to tackle the under-stairs cupboard and to fit a series of floor-to-ceiling shelves.

So, things are moving on but we’ve been seriously slowed down by illness, the cold weather and Christmas! New year and new motivation – it’s going to be a good year!


Books, books, books…

Ok, sometimes you have to step back from your life and have a look at it…

We all walk around everyday getting on with our lives and often not really re-processing the things we take in – a bit like hearing things but not really listening to them.

So, on that theme, I was just staring at our books the other day thinking we’ve done well getting all the books organised into a single area, which doesn’t overspill all over the living room. Then I had a kind of ‘step back’ sort of realisation, particularly about the kids books on the bottom 2 shelves.

I was just thinking how many different books do we actually read to the kids, and how many books are there on those shelves?

Well, I counted them and there are 252 books, just on those two shelves!

There are also another 42 books upstairs in their bedroom, totalling 294 books.

I’m going to have another look through them to see if we can move on a few of them + try and get some of the less-used ones out so we can freshen things up a bit.


Shelves & Big Gold Buddha…

Good weekend – got a lot done and now have all our books up on our new shelves! It’s cleared a lot of space from the floor (where the boxes were) and it’s really good for Jamie to have easy access to his books – he’s already started taking books off and sitting down to read through them.

I took the boys out on Saturday morning for 2.5 hours (prob the longest i’ve been out with them so far!), and went to St. James’ Park and the City Farm. This also gave Claire a chance to get through some NCT work and design the new logo for the Gloucester Little Bundles charity.

Claire also re-planted the front garden and took out the last of the Sunflowers! Also pruned back all the bushy plants ready for Winter + she painted the shelves which i’d fixed up with primer then two coats of the same paint we used on the walls then a coat of eco¬†varnish.

And finally, after more than 4 years, we’ve fixed the Buddha onto the wall (after a trip to B&Q for angle brackets). It looks amazing on the chimney breast and you can barely see the bottom brackets.

Various images of the new shelves and Buddha!

Next is the fixing of the bathroom floor, ready for the new floor to go down on Tuesday, now that the plumbing has been finished ‘below floor’.