Shower door (fun) + log store…

While Claire’s endlessly helpful Mum was here over the weekend, I managed to get on with a couple of jobs which had been holding things up a bit. The first was fixing the acrylic shower door in place and also building another log store.

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It took a few hours to do the door, mainly because it all had to be measured quite accurately and I really didn’t want to ruin a whole sheet of acrylic! It’s all up now but will have to make a small adjustment to one of the hinges + fit the door knob. The boys also loved playing with the hardboard packaging for the door with their cars, using it as a hill.

I also got another log store built, with just the metal roof needed from Claire’s Dad. I’m doing a series of alternating mono-pitched roofs which will drain to the sides of each store. The rest of the logs will be stacked in a row along the kitchen side of the house, opposite the log stores.

It seems we’re getting a bit more done every week and we’re gearing up for this winter, with the logs and insulation stuff we’re organising.


Shower door & sink table…

We received the acrylic shower door samples in the post yesterday. A bit of a range of colours and the material at 5mm seems really strong. The sink table was also delivered, but not plumbed in yet.

The colours (from top left corner of photo) are Grey (transparent), Opal/white (translucent), frosted (transparent but looks translucent) and green (transparent).

We’re going for the frosted sample as it ties in with the white tiles and will not be see-through, but will let light through. Just have to order the sheet but get the right measurements first!

The oak table fits really well and lines up with the edges of the chimney breast with only 2.5 cms space either side. The height seems exactly right and the depth works well with the sink we already bought. The scary bit will be drilling the holes for the tap and sink waste!

Also put in a pic of Jamie’s milk bubbles!


House & garden progress…

Ok, mucho progress in the last week or so.

Claire has been cracking on with the bathroom decorating. She’s painted the skirting with undercoat and top coat and varnished the door twice. She also varnished the bath panel to stop drips marking the side. I’ve just got to fix the handle on the door and that’s pretty much done.

We’ve got window people coming on Monday to look at the failed glazing! I’m hoping we can just remove the glazing panels and it looks like we can from the outside.

The loft people are coming on Tuesday morning to take measurements and ask us what we want for a possible loft conversion. They’ll do a survey and a basic design and costings, then we’ll see where we go from there. It’s all free and they’ve already sent us loads of information to look through.

The bathroom sink table is arriving on Tuesday, which means we can then get on with installing the sink we already have.

Acrylic sheet samples are also arriving on Tuesday (hopefully). We might be using an acrylic sheet for the shower door, instead of glass. This will be cheaper and probably safer + we can easily drill holes for handles etc. We’ve ordered 5mm thick, colour and frosted samples so we’ll see what looks good.

We’re going to spend as much time in the garden today as we can, sorting out the raised bed, clearing rubbish, dump runs and drying washing. Already went to the dump once yesterday and got a whole area by the old bathroom cleared – it’s looking much bigger already.