Shower door (fun) + log store…

While Claire’s endlessly helpful Mum was here over the weekend, I managed to get on with a couple of jobs which had been holding things up a bit. The first was fixing the acrylic shower door in place and also building another log store.

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It took a few hours to do the door, mainly because it all had to be measured quite accurately and I really didn’t want to ruin a whole sheet of acrylic! It’s all up now but will have to make a small adjustment to one of the hinges + fit the door knob. The boys also loved playing with the hardboard packaging for the door with their cars, using it as a hill.

I also got another log store built, with just the metal roof needed from Claire’s Dad. I’m doing a series of alternating mono-pitched roofs which will drain to the sides of each store. The rest of the logs will be stacked in a row along the kitchen side of the house, opposite the log stores.

It seems we’re getting a bit more done every week and we’re gearing up for this winter, with the logs and insulation stuff we’re organising.


New shower…

Really pleased with our new shower, which we’ve both used now. It’s got a really big head and the water just falls on you as opposed to being pushed power shower style.

Claire was wondering how much water the new shower uses compared to the old one. Well…

After a highly scientific test involving a 3L measuring bowl and the stopwatch on my phone…the results are that the old mains mixer shower on the ground floor took 15 seconds to fill the bowl, while the new mains mixer shower on the 1st floor took 18 seconds to fill the bowl.

This means that the new shower takes 3 seconds longer to use the same amount of water, meaning it is 16.6% more efficient.

It uses 10L a minute (based on 1L every 6 seconds), so a 5 minute shower will use 50L of water! In the words of the prophet…’holy crap!’

As both are run off the mains, i’m assuming that the cause of the difference¬†is the¬†pressure difference between the ground and 1st floors, but answers on a postcard if anyone knows why.


Shower fixing…

The epic saga of the search for the final piece of the shower continues…

We just need a fixing bracket to fix the shower riser pole to the wall, as the weight of the pole, water and shower head makes the whole thing lean forward a bit!

Anyway, on Friday, Claire at moi embarked on the voyage of discovery around Gloucester, while Claire’s Mum kindly looked after the boys! We tried Plumb Centre, Homebase, Focus Do It All and finally Dun Elm. We’re all a bit ill at the moment and quite tired as well so by the time we got to Dun Elm we had to crash out and have cake and coffee! Anyway, we think a curtain pole bracket will work and it’s the closest thing we’ve found so far.

Next step is to contact the manufacturer and see if they have anything. On a more positive notw, I managed to give the ceiling another coat today and i’ll go to B&Q tomorrow to get a new door, hinges, arcitrave, door handle and white paint. Nice.