Snow, snow, snow, snow and some more snow…

Very exciting weather in Gloucester, where it hardly ever snows and when it does, it generally doesn’t hang around for very long. Well, this time we had about 60mm, which was enough to transform the landscape and create lots of photo opportunities.

Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 67 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 58 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 05 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 51 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 52 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 40 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 48 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 34 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 32 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 31 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 18 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 60 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 27 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 10 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 08 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 07 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 06 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 04 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 03 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 02

It normally takes me about 25 minutes to walk the 2km to work, but today, it took closer to 50 – partly due to the slower walking conditions but mostly due to the constant stopping for another picture!

I did eventually get to work and went out again during lunch. It’s such a dramatic and totally different experience and the snow seems to change not only the appearance of the environment, but also the way it functions, including the behaviour of the people who inhabit the place.

Here are the images for display in a gallery format…

Contrasts are enhanced, the light is very even, objects are submerged under, and emerge from the snow, patterns are created and experience is altered. The very recent history of the place is recorded for all to see, in footprints, cycle tracks and writing, then covered over with the next waves of falling snow.


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Snow in garden…

Some great views of the garden over the last few days.

We went out there for 45 mins the other day but the snow was too cold to stick together and just turned to piles of powder! This obviously meant no snow balls or snowmen.


Snow-covered power station…!

Well, the roof-top power station is hardly running at full capacity right now!

So far, since Friday 17th December at 1:30 pm, the whole array has generated 0.7 units of power. This is a massive £0.29 at the feed-in tariff rate of 41.3p / kwh (unit)!

Paul from Target 2050 has just come round to complete the installation check, before they can the funds for the grant money. He seemed happy with it, even though the panels are under 10 cms of snow! He did say that the panels generally make most of their electricity during the 6 months over summer, but it will tick over during the clear winter days (providing the panels are clear).

As you can see above, Paul also sent me a link to his own website which has various figures for his own PV system, over the years. Very interesting numbers in there and there’s also a fair bit of variation between the years for the same months.

Anyway, you can see the general pattern, so we’re looking forward to the Spring months where output should go up a bit.


Snowy painting…

So, we got out a couple of times the other day, but just didn’t bother yesterday, as it was so cold. Both the boys have got colds with Jamie sounding particularly bunged up.

So, a bit of painting was called for + some treasure map making!


Lots of snow…!

So, we couldn’t resist getting out into the garden today, with lots of new snow everywhere!

We made it out twice, but only for 15 minutes each time! Jac had snow on his hands and was getting a bit chilly both times – this was after he had taken his gloves off twice!

Anyway, it was really fun and I love the light and feel of a snowy landscape!