Climate prediction software…

Ok, the title of this post is hardly inspiring, but the software is! Check out the link to it via the Guardian website below.

The climate prediction software basically uses millions of personal computers to run climate software, which otherwise would have needed a super-computer etc. The software analyses weather records from the past 50 years to try and predict what the effects of climate chnage will be, and where.

They already started this experiment while I was working in Swindon, maybe 5 years ago, and it was cool seeing the visuals of the spinning planet and various weather patterns. You can access this once you’ve installed it.

Anyway, it’s a chance to be a small part of a very significant bit of research and to contribute to our understanding of planet Earth!

Also, it’s a great education tool, as you can get the software to show you all sorts of visualisations, based on weather, or temperature etc. I’m going to use it to show my boys how the different countries all relate to each other, particularly where their dispersed family are!