Lanterns update…!

Just got off the phone with Gary @ Eco-Sol Ltd. (based in Cardiff) who managed to get the flame retardant spray onto a passing courier who will be getting that to us before 5pm tomorrow! Bloody hell – I hope this will be worth it!

* Also tested the vinegar soaked piece of paper for flame-proof effectiveness… it still set on fire and burnt, but not quite as quickly as the untreated paper. I’ve just found out why house fires were so common around 300BC!


The car is gone…!

We are now officially car free!!

It’s a great feeling – until something goes wrong, but in theory, we’ve considered the options and ways to handle it and should be alright. There’s always problems which need to be overcome but that’s the great thing about life.

The green Nissan Sunny Spray was towed away yesterday and will be scrapped, with the proceeds going to charity. It was a bit sad, as i’ve been driving the car since I was 17, but it had to be done.

We also had to do a 3-way phone call with the Commonwheels car club people and the DVLA, to check our licences were full and clean and that there were no problems. That was completed and Claire has also now signed up to the carclub, and we can now book a car online. we’re just waiting for the smartcards to arrive, which unlock the car.

The tax refund also has to be in by the end of the month and we’re looking into cancelling the insurance. I wasn’t looking forward to the big cost of the service and MOT in 6 months (roughly £500), so by the end of the next 6 months, we would have saved over £1,000 just for petrol, tax, insurance. We’ll obviously be using more buses and trains + the car club, but so long as we keep below the £180 per month mark (which is what the car was costing), we will be ‘saving’ money.


Render work – day 6, 7, 8 & 9…

So the insulated render and guttering to the side rear of the house are now finished. The landing area is plastered, a new loft hatch has been installed and the loft window removed and bricked up.

Days 6, 7 and 8 went very quaickly, with some quick progress. After literally 6 months of planning, research, form filling, grant applications, phone calls, planning permission debates (x6), delays (3 months) for cold weather, scaffolding erecting and finally deliveries of materials to site; it is finished.

The scaffolding is still up, and we expect this to be taken down soon and there is still a slight query about if we actually paid for new guttering to the front as well.

Days 6 and 7 were taken up with the actual application of the render, which they simply sprayed on using a large machine which pumped the render from a large plastic barrel. Claire was at home taking pictures and when I saw them I was impressed. We had wondered why they were shifting the packs of render to the front pavement!

So, the first layer was applied on day 6 and the next day the second layer was applied. They left the final layer as a very rough finish and I got home slightly shocked at the finish! Day 8 they came back to finish it off and used a number of heavy/rough sanders to smooth away the rough areas.

Finally, day 9 (yesterday) a guy was around to fix the guttering to the rear areas, on top of new fascia boards. He also filled in a missing brick from the front corner and replaced the old gate back onto the wall, as well as clearing the site.