St. Oswald’s Priory lighting, take 3…

Following an incident of vandalism to the lighting scheme at St. oswald’s Priory in Gloucester, we’ve finally managed to get much of the scheme up and running again.

One minor setback though was that there was a further incident of vandalism there, where two more of the lights were knocked out! The contractors will now have to come back out again in the nest few months. The thing is that it takes a minimum of 2 months to get the equipment plus the extra time to organise and order. They managed to get the newly replaced lights working so at least it’s almost fully functional for the winter and Christmas period.

We’ve also been organising for protective metal grills to be fitted to the lights and now hopefully these will deter further damage.



Ok, some really bad news for the new lighting scheme at St. Oswald’s Priory in Gloucester:

Article in the Saturday Citizen

I can’t say i’m completely surprised as there had been some minor vandalism months before but this seems like a systematic attack. Also at 4:30pm?? Did they want to get caught.

Very annoying given it’s taken 2 years to get the scheme designed, given the OK by English Heritage and implemented.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait to see what the Magistrates Court says but the £6,000 (or more) cost for replacing the lights may not be forthcoming.