Day 054 – Wenchford…

We’re in the middle of a mini heat-wave which is meant to last for the next few days, meaning the weekend should be hot and sunny. Today was the same and we drove into the Forest of Dean, to a place called Wenchford, where a stream runs through the forest and creates lots of paddling areas.

Wenchford  05.07.13 - 20 IMG_4287 IMG_4337 IMG_4338 IMG_4302 IMG_4259 IMG_4288



Day 027 – Tredworth Cemetery stream…

A tranquil area within the Tredworth Cemetery, where a stream flows under the main central pathway. The plant tray base contrasts with the more natural surrounds.

Tredworth Cemetary 07.06.13 - 5


Day 006…

A weekend trip out to Painswick Beacon and Rococo Garden. After pushing through a coach load of wedding visitors to the Garden, we bagged our cups of tea and cake, then made our way around the Garden.

Rococo Garden 18.05.13 - 19 Rococo Garden 18.05.13 - 16 Rococo Garden 18.05.13 - 21

Tree detail, stream and ancient engineering system : )