Film time…

Recently we’ve been finding some of our evenings have been free of kids, washing, tidying and all the other great things which go with being a family! Here are the films and documentaries we’ve been checking out, along with ratings for each!

The Social Network – great film about the start of Facebook. 7/10

Harry Potter 7 & 8 – I had already seen number 7 and got Claire the box set for Christmas, so we re-watched 7 then finally got to see number 8. Really good double film and thankfully a lot more mature than previous films in the series. 8/10

Forks Over Knives – this documentary should be compulsory viewing for all school children (and adults for that matter). A hugely important film which discusses the implications of a western diet, which includes large amounts of animal based foods.

The animal protein Ceasin has been proven to be an initiator of cancer and this is found in all animal products, including¬†meat and dairy. The scary example was the lab experiment using rats, which showed that a¬†5% level of Ceasin in the diet did not lead to cancer growth, while a 20% level actively promoted cancer. The 20% level is the average ‘western’ animal protein level. A must see film is you care about your health. 9/10

Sherlock Holmes – the second Holmes film directed by Guy Ritchie. Very good and very atmospheric, using all his trade mark slow motion style to good effect. I’m reading the complete works of Sherlock Holmes right now and was impressed by the film. 8/10

King Kong: a fistful of dollars – saving the best till last! This is my number one must see film. We ordered this from Love Film and were sucked into it. This is a documentary about the world of computer game records. This real life tale involves two competing Donkey Kong gamers, battling to be crowned world record holder.

This may not sound like a general appeal film but you will be shouting at the screen when you watch it. Very engaging characters and it got us going – and the ending is legendary! 10/10