Larkham Farm…

A site visit to an old farm in Gloucester. Georgian and much older timber framed buildings dating back to the 1700s.


Timber cladding…

Have just finished the timber cladding on the dining room and side of the kitchen.


Lots of different stages to get to this point, including insulating, fixing breather membrane to make it all waterproof and fixing first the vertical then the horizontal battens. The existing windows were painted with upvc paint primer then an external grey paint. New aluminium cill extenders were added over the existing cills and galvanised steel downpipes and gutter was fixed.

A real transformation and also much better insulation!


Built-in wardrobe construction…

I know what we’ll do during the wet holiday from work – build a new wardrobe!

The timber frame took me part of 2 days to finish, the plasterboarding took another day and the final wooden edging around all the corners took another part of a day. I mainly used 2×3 inch (5 x 7cm) smooth planed timber, held with a combination of long wood screws and corner metal brackets.

Claire finished off the whole thing by doing a grand job filling the plasterboard joins and then decorating. She also painted the head end wall (previously pink!) and some areas of the ceiling. She also made the curtains from fabric from the big blue and yellow shop (Ikea).

Just have to fit a door for the top storage section and a door stopper to stop the door hitting the side of the wardrobe!

That’s phase 34 of the house renovation (nearly) done…


Boston Ivy…

After having in my mind the ideal plant to combine with an extension material, for the last 4 years, i’ve only just got around to trying to find out what it is.

The building next to my old office in Swindon was covered in Boston Ivy, as is the old B&Q store on Bruton Way. Every time I pass the derelict building i’m impressed with the plants colours, forms and changing nature. It is deciduous and during the autumn there is an amazing array of colours.

The other important feature is that it is non-intrusive and does not penetrate the base material, therefore will not compromise the stability or weather-proof nature of the walls.

I want to use timber panels as the outer cladding and this will weather naturally to a silver grey, and during the winter, this will be exposed when the Ivy has died back, with just the winding stems showing.

Eventually, I want to re-build the shed at the bottom of the garden, making it a ‘lodge’ which would have a single habitable room (maybe for music or guests) with a wood and garden equipment store attached. The idea is that this will tie in with the extension material and the overall appearance. It might take a while, but as they say, the journey is more important than the destination.


Extension ideas…

Awesome scheme by Peter Barber Architects.

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Three studio flats with large south-facing bedroom windows and a combined kitchen/dining/living space.

Not just a very well-designed scheme but also well-finished. Gives me a few ideas for our (potential) future extension. The white render works well with the timber cladding and we’re already aiming to get the exterior of the property rendered with an insulating render anyway.