St. Nicholas Church lighting trial…

A really good lighting test at St. Nicholas Church in Gloucester. We tested out lots of different styles, effects and colours on various parts of the church. The idea is to produce an exterior lighting scheme, but the interior effect will be amazing.

Can’t wait to see this scheme up and running.

St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 078 St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 092 St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 085 St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 127 St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 109



Light hits art & architecture…

Lighting up public art, lighting architecture and the other side of the art.


Gloscat tower demolition begins…

While at the climbing centre, I looked out of the back windows of the warehouse to see the Greyfriars site cleared and demolition work starting!

A great view of the progress made over the last 6 months over the site and what a job they have on their hands knocking that beast down!


Protected: Lego Jac…

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Kyneburgh Tower…

I was out from 8pm till 11pm last night, involved with some lighting trials at Kimbrose Triangle.

The Kyneburgh Tower and Art Wall are looking really good and some amazing effects when sttod inside looking up the tower. Each of the uplighters uses LED technology and uses only 12W of power!


Jac’s crocodile, tower and games…

Jac’s been building more things with Lego and created a whole crocodile with a long row of bricks.

He was also using the CBeebies website and growing plants on the Big and Small site!

I also set out lego bricks on a board going from 1 to 8 bricks, so Jac could have a visual representation of the numbers. He’s still saying 1, 2, 3, 6…!