Making tracks…

Late afternoon sun on tram tracks running through Gloucester Docks + a steam crane in silhouette.

Docks tracks 19.07.13 - 1 Docks tracks 19.07.13 - 6 Docks tracks 19.07.13 - 4


Day 012…

A dismal, cold and rainy day in Reading. Having taken the train up there, wandering around and feeling quite uninspired to take photos, I saw a quite random and abstract opportunity – a cable tube running under the train tracks. It was shining in the rain and the vivid colour stood out against the dull background.

Reading 24.05.13 - 5


Stratford Park abstracts…

A great day out at Stratford Park with the boys. Clear and bright with an autumn nip in the air – lots of good direct sunshine with shadows everywhere! The leaves are starting to turn and fall from the trees and my favourite time of the year : )