Day 012…

A dismal, cold and rainy day in Reading. Having taken the train up there, wandering around and feeling quite uninspired to take photos, I saw a quite random and abstract opportunity – a cable tube running under the train tracks. It was shining in the rain and the vivid colour stood out against the dull background.

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Creating Excellence in Taunton…

A great training day in Taunton on the 28th September.

A lecture through the Creating Excellence organisation who are linked to CABE. The idea is to raise the level of quality within the built environment through the use of design review panels, involving notable and experienced architects, urban designers, landscape architects etc.

Inspiring day but still have to review my notes and follow up a few of the ideas!


Stratford Park abstracts…

A great day out at Stratford Park with the boys. Clear and bright with an autumn nip in the air – lots of good direct sunshine with shadows everywhere! The leaves are starting to turn and fall from the trees and my favourite time of the year : )


Lego train & bus…

Following the rocket lego session, another big lego (Duplo) construction session, during the evening when Jamie seems to be at his most creative and energetic! Shame it’s the opposite for the parents!

So, Jamie made a people transporter with train at the front, and I made a long utility train, with helicopter landing pad, raised bed, wall holder, ladder, crane, slide and two coal trucks!