Reception class comparisons…

In the spirit of finding out ‘what the other half’ are doing in Reception class (or probably 99% of children!), I had a brief look into what the requirements are for children at the first couple of stages of school. It was a bit strange seeing the parents for the Reception class sitting waiting for their kids to come out, while I was with the boys at their active tots group.

Reception & Year 1 level reading word list example: y1_curr_leaflet_aut08[1]

So, 45 words expected to be read by the end of Reception year. This gives us something to aim at and to try and to follow as a guide, so that if Jamie does decide somewhere down the line that he does want to try school out, he won’t be too far behind. It’s also a good guide for Jac who hasn’t yet been through the ‘will he, won’t he’ process of schooling!

So far Jamie can recognise various letters by sound, name and association (eg ‘P’ for police car).

Another very useful website is the UK IXL site for the various maths requirements at each stage of school. In terms of Reception level, Jamie is probably already at stage E and the next stage is counting with money. He’s generally been very good with numbers and it’s something the teachers at his old playgroup commented on.

Jac’s also been copying his ‘what does that say’ line and does this a lot now. I can see Jac developing faster than Jamie as he’s over 2 years younger and therefore has the benefit of our own learning with Jamie. I might even learn a few things along the way.