Tinker update…

Ok, Tinkerbell has had her first visit to the vets!

She was obviously having a few problems and was very unsettled for the first few days here. She was going in and out of her litter tray and not really doing anything + leaking a bit and just not seeming very with it (very technical diagnosis).

Anyway, Claire thought it could be some kind of urine infection so we drove over to a vets which our colleague at work uses. It was a 7:15pm appointment but they only charged day rates. Jac fell asleep in the car so I stayed in there with him surfing the net on my mobile while Claire and Jamie went in with Tinks!

The vet was apparently very good and identified that Tinks had a slight gum infection plus that she was more like 10 months old, not the 12 that we were told. This was because her bottom teeth hadn’t developed fully. So, her birthday is now officially 1st November!

The vet diagnosed the main issue as stress-induced cystitis, so i’m thinking a combination of being at the rescue shelter + moving here + having the boys being very excited around her has led to the condition. Jac is very excited about her and all his chasing and shouting at her must be bloody annoying! : )

She had a steroid injection and is now on a course of Cystaid which will relieve the symptoms of the cystitis. We came out with a £50 bill, but this will hopefully be covered under the pet insurance. Just aware that with things fairly tight right now, this plus all the other costs are mounting up! With the insurance and food, it’s roughly £50 per month. Theoretically, we should have more than that spare each month, so it should be alright.

Today we’ve seen a big improvement in her and she’s been chilling out at the top of the stairs and being much more relaxed around us + purring a lot and licking me! The vet also said keep her in for 3 weeks, particularly until the treatment and shots have finished.