Technics music blur…

the wheels of steel spin and the camera clicks. I think I need to spend more time actually mixing rather than taking pictures of the equipment!



Utah Jazz – ‘Qunicy’ v Mav – ‘Me Against The Machine’…

I was just about to slap my 12″ record on my decks to listen to this tune but thought – hang on, this has got to be on YouTube!

Quality rolling D&B with some nice samples pinning it together. I also have the full vocal version on the vinyl copy which is equally awesome – see below (but at a lower recorded volume)…

And also the other record I was going to play, one which is a good roller and with some very nice melodic sections. The B-side on the vinyl has a great intro, which I haven’t heard in about 10 years!


Connecting mixer to imac 2…

This is the sort of setup which normally scares me! But, i’ve done some research and I think I know what output is the best to use (tape out). Now I just have to play around with the settings in Garageband to get the right inputs and levels.

At that point I should be able to record mixes and singles from vinyl, at which point my super star DJ career can really begin! : )

The cable plugs straight into the 3.5mm headphone jack in the back of the imac and will apparently provide a high quality connection, even over 10 metres of cable. I may need to get the WordPress audio upgrade to get some mixing results onto the blog!


Old vinyl to new Mac…

Well, I love vinyl but also love my iMac. I want to work with vinyl as it has soul and character. I love the way the edge of the record slowly moves towards and away from the centre point because it wasn’t cut exactly right. I love the way the needle rides up and down over the surface and reflects the life of the record. I love being able to touch the music. I love the amazing process of two pieces of plastic rubbing together to reproduce one of human’s greatest achievements.

Vinyl will always be in my soul and memory. So, that being the case, how do I go from vinyl to iMac in order to allow the evolution of my learning of music and also to help preserve the music recorded on the vinyl and to use the digital recording in other ways?

I have so much vinyl collected over the years and have already looked into vinyl to MP3 recorders, but i’m just thinking this could take the rest of my natural life to do! So, what I might start doing is selecting only certain records and hook up the mixer to the iMac and make the recordings. This would almost be a link to the original vinyl, much of which can’t be downloaded and which is essentially free.

This is a good step by step guide to recording vinyl onto the Mac, which i’ll hopefully be putting into practice in the near future. The selection process will also make me really think about which records are the most important to me.



A good little video, very well presented and sequenced, showing some great scratching…

LigOne – 2010 French and World DMC Mix Champion: French final set