Day 036 – grafitti Gloucester…

There is a temporary hoarding wooden panel wall which surrounds a large redevelopment site in the centre of Gloucester. This wall stretches down a well-used walking route called Greyfriars Lane. Every so often a new bit of graffiti appears.

Graffiti 17.06.13 - 1 Graffiti 17.06.13 - 2 Graffiti 17.06.13 - 3

The above image shows a severed badger’s head with a white flag – this is connected with the planned badger culling experiment which is taking place in Gloucestershire, in an attempt to stop the spread of TB to cows and other livestock. A highly debatable subject and experiment.



Day 030…

A vivid and contrasting paint peel. A former red wall, painted over with blue and a green weed struggling up into the frame.

Gloucester images 11.06.13 - 01


Wall stickers: days of the week…

A very nice idea for a diary, calendar, menu planner etc.


Kyneburgh Tower…

I was out from 8pm till 11pm last night, involved with some lighting trials at Kimbrose Triangle.

The Kyneburgh Tower and Art Wall are looking really good and some amazing effects when sttod inside looking up the tower. Each of the uplighters uses LED technology and uses only 12W of power!