View into water-filled light tank and reflections, plus other images from Bristol Zoo.



Day 058 – water ride framework…

A colourful stack of metal supports ready to be unloaded and built.

Docks and Park 08.07.13 - 10 Docks and Park 08.07.13 - 12 Docks and Park 08.07.13 - 07 Docks and Park 08.07.13 - 13


Day 054 – Wenchford…

We’re in the middle of a mini heat-wave which is meant to last for the next few days, meaning the weekend should be hot and sunny. Today was the same and we drove into the Forest of Dean, to a place called Wenchford, where a stream runs through the forest and creates lots of paddling areas.

Wenchford  05.07.13 - 20 IMG_4287 IMG_4337 IMG_4338 IMG_4302 IMG_4259 IMG_4288


Day 041 – Highnam bike ride…

A spur of the moment decision to get on the bike and do the 10-mile round-trip to Highnam, just to the NW of Gloucester.

Highnam bike ride 21.06.13 - 02 Highnam bike ride 21.06.13 - 12 Highnam bike ride 21.06.13 - 10

Once down by the River Severn, I did partially regret the dusk-timing due to the large number of insects flying around, but it was a good work out and a good opportunity to experience nature : )


Day 003…

No enhancement necessary – red pond weed with tree reflections : )

Red water 15.05.13


Rococo Garden…

Clarity in a season of rain. Contrasts, light, shadows and reflections.

A chance call to the Gardens on the day before their official season opening. I’m very glad I did. The first snow drops of the season appear which is something i’ve missed for the past 2 years! The beautiful red and brown beech leaves lying all over the ground.


River Severn very high water level…!

Well, I was hoping for a white Christmas but here in Gloucester, it was more of a very wet Christmas! One of the more common features of the last month or so has been the rain, rain, rain…!

A slightly worrying by-product of the rain is the very high river water levels, particularly the River Severn which runs to the west of the built up area of Gloucester. I walked over to The Quay which runs alongside the river to check out the rather wet landscape which has developed over the last few weeks.


Before the wet wet weather.

River Severn high water 31.12.12 - 18

After the wetness set in.

River Severn high water 31.12.12 - 13 River Severn high water 31.12.12 - 10 River Severn high water 31.12.12 - 01 River Severn high water 31.12.12 - 20 River Severn high water 31.12.12 - 19 River Severn high water 31.12.12 - 17 River Severn high water 31.12.12 - 23

The floodplain is defo doing its job!


Green in the desert…!

Some amazing images of huge wheat fields, from helicopter and space! Not exactly surprising the ‘growing wheat in the desert’ project is coming to a sharp halt. Saudi Arabia is now also a NET importer of wheat, soon to be joined by large parts of India.