Day 019…

Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, Sap Green and Titanium White. Not always the colours i’m naturally drawn too but this is a detail of one of my recent acrylic paintings.



Simple wall stuck photos…

There is something very elegant about fixing simple printed photos to a clean white wall…

Sackler Building interior

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New blog appearance…

A new winter season starts (well almost – the stove has been kick-started anyway), so i’ve switched to a different appearance for the blog…


Sink-side worktop finished…!

At last the sink-side worktop is finished.

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We had made great progress with it but came to a bit of a stop 2 weeks ago, when the waste pipe for the dishwasher wouldn’t fit on the Ikea waste properly. But after fixing that with magic plumbing tape it’s all done.

Much cleaner and brighter and the new sink is bigger than the main bowl of the last one and the washing up bowl fits in perfectly.


New kitchen worktop…!

We’ve jumped into the DYI in a big way over the last 2 weeks and have now replaced one side of the kitchen worktop with a new, Buck Rogers style, white worktop!

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The gas hob was slightly tricky to finish, but nothing we haven’t tackled before. It involved¬†going to B&Q twice, the first time Claire cycled over there to get a few pieces (such as PFE tape, connectors and a bendy hose), then I went back later to buy another connector and new tape measure and jigsaw blades.

I also fitted a baton under the worktop to support it where there are no units to support it. We’ve gained about 50cms of worktop which makes a good difference and the overall brightness of the space has improved.

Well worth £35 for each side of the kitchen.


Painted stairs…

So, on coat of undercost/primer on all the steps and one coat of satin gloss on every other step tread.

It took so long for the paint to dry that we’re resorting to a quick drying type, which we’ll hopefully use tonight then leave to dry over night.

I painted only every other step so we could get up and down the stairs while they were drying and they’re starting to look good. We’ll paint them all white then have a think about the colours for the risers. This will be hard to mix in a smooth transition, so we might just do a random mix, using a single blended colour.


Coloured stairs…!

Some ideas from Pinterest, which we’re seriously considering for our house!

I’ve started painting the stairs white so far and the tops will be left white with alternating colours of the rainbow for the risers part. It’s going to look amazing!


Bay window done…

Bay window repairs and re-painting done and it’s now ready for the gravel around it, which we’ll then put pots on top of, with plants in them.

I also changed the wheel on the wheelbarrow with a more solid one, which apparently won’t ever go down!