Looking around inside…

I’ve found over the years that there are photo opportunities everywhere you go – sometimes not obvious. Once you start looking at things in a more abstract way, anything becomes a possible photo target!

The hanging beaded section of a window ornament with the morning sun behind caught my eye, as did the quite feint wall shadows and the patterns they produced.



Sunny and wet…


Chair colours…

Coloured light from window artwork and shadows onto one of our armchairs.


Window tape…

Taped up window plastic sheet draft-proofing an old kitchen window. The corners are highlighted with contrasting areas of black, using the strong outline of a coloured glass ornament and area of shadow, with strong afternoon sun through the centre.


Window salad shelves…

We watched the Forks Over Knives film last night and were really inspired. One great idea coming out of that is to convert the right hand tall and narrow window reveal into a salad growing area. This is almost directly south-facing, which will give the best sunlight for maximum growing.

(Images from http://www.housetohome.co.uk/room-idea/picture/kitchen-shelving-ideas-10-of-the-best/6 and http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/dc/living-room/indoor-garden-inspiration-bring-in-the-terracotta-inspiration-gallery–144102)

The idea is to fix a series of wooden shelves into the window recess, which will stack vertically above each other. I would fix screws into the window reveals which the trays would sit on, but be able to easily be lifted off when we clean the area and to be able to get the trays down to cut off salad leaves.

The important part of this is to grow the salads indoors, so we can keep a year round supply of fresh veg. I can’t say i’ve ever seen anything like this before (until Claire found 2 examples on Pinterest!!) and i’m quite excited about it. If there are maybe 8 trays, we can have a good rotation going. The window reveal is 1.8m tall, 43cm wide and 12cm deep, which is loads of space. Eight trays would give 22cm space for each shelf, or 25cm if there were seven trays. There could be varying heights for different types of salad. This would also add some much needed greenery into the living room and would help to filter the air and add oxygen into the space!


Rainbow window…

Claire fixed up some multi-coloured plastic sheet inside the window and it makes amazing rainbow colours on the floor.

Just introducing some colour makes an amazing difference and a contrast to the wooden floor and white walls.