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Legoland adventure…!

On Friday we went to the amazing Land of Lego, also known as Legoland!

This was an early birthday present for Jamie’s 5th birthday at the end of October, and we went with Claire’s parents. Claire’s Dad kindly drove us all over there and we got them their tickets – but not the lunch!!

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So, i’ve been wanting to go to Legoland since I found out about it, so I was really looking forward to it (as were the little kids!). It took about 1.5 hours to get there and we got there a bit after 10, which is when it opens. We got actually into Legoland at about 11, but overall there weren’t huge numbers of people – but there was some kind of Inset Day for local schools which pushed up the numbers.

Everyone was really excited by it all and there were lots of cool introduction things before the main rides, like slides, playground equipment and large lego models to look at. Also a great view over the park from the entrance area, with a view of Windsor Castle and the big wheel.

We went to the model village first (Miniland), which was amazing. Lots of recreated countries, with landmarks from different places, like the Houses of Parliament, or the space shuttle launch area. They had the Angel of the North, complete with Newcastle fans at the base and Jamie liked the little camp site. The boys were just staring at this for ages. We could easily have spent a couple of hours there. It was all very neat and tidy, with miniature plants and hidden things.

We went on the JCB diggers, cars, self-drive boats, merry-go-round (carousel), remote control trucks, submarine ride, safari ride and the large playground area. Jamie also loved the water park area (Waterworks), where there were water cannons.

The lunch was also great – glad I wasn’t paying for this bit! At one point, the screen on the till read £41.00!! Then there was a discount taken off for a Merlin Pass which we didn’t even have. Claire’s Dad nearly had a heart attack!

We didn’t even have time for the Kingdom of the Pharaohs, Knights’ Kingdom or Land of the Vikings! You could easily get 2 full days out of the park and we’re certainly going back there, probably with a stay in a local hotel.

Overall a very good day out and I was impressed with the quality and variety in there. It only cost us £30 for 4 adults and 2 kids (with Claire’s amazing voucher collecting), which was a really good deal.