Day 048 – Thistledown camping day 2…

A great walk through the pine woods in the valley below the camp site. There is a brilliant creeper which is by the main path down through the woods. Here is Mr Jo Smith doing a great job climbing up it. On the way back up, he managed to climb up maybe 6m.

Thistledown camping 28-30.06.13 - 085 Thistledown camping 28-30.06.13 - 092 Thistledown camping 28-30.06.13 - 099 Thistledown camping 28-30.06.13 - 139 Thistledown camping 28-30.06.13 - 140


Nature consumed by nature…

While walking through Lassington Woods, near Gloucester, we came across some tree stumps, slowly being consumed by moss and covered with the remains of autumn leaves.

Highnam & Lassington Woods 13.02.13 - 05


A cold walk in the woods…

A very cold walk in the winter woods, at Crickley Hill.

Crickley Hill 12.01.13 - 01 Crickley Hill 12.01.13 - 03 Crickley Hill 12.01.13 - 13 Crickley Hill 12.01.13 - 07 Crickley Hill 12.01.13 - 17

The seeping cold penetrates even wrapped up people after 2 hours but it makes me feel alive. : )


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Westonbirt Arboretum…!

My Mum was up visiting and we had given her a present of a day out to Westonbirt Arboretum + lunch, for her birthday. So, we drove down there yesterday and arrived mid-morning.

Some amazing Rhododendron flowers around the Loop walk and we had loads of fun running around the woods and the kids play areas.

Had a nice lunch then went further into the Old Arboretum area and found some great areas with stepping logs, carved wooden sculptures and massive wooden feet! Both boys were out for the count in the car when we dropped Mum back to her flat and on the way home!



Day 2 of our mini holiday and after lunch we drove down to Westonbirt with another family.

We renewed our family membership for the year and picked up a kids leaflet which shows the various play areas. We’ve usually been to the nearest woods play areas, where there are cabins and balance walkways, but this time we went across the main open space to another series of areas, each with different things to play on/around.

I’m glad we did and there were things like a troll bridge, tall stumps of trees, carved seats and sculptures, dens, climbing trees, tractor tyres and a huge pine tree which had been very recently felled. Claire had brought some of her amazing bread pudding, which we all sat and had after playing for a while.

We also played various games around the pine tree, like hide and seek and again the day was bright and clear. A great 2 days with lots of outside fun in the woods!


Westonbirt winter escape…

The weather looked too good this morning, to pass up on a trip out with the boys. So, we packed up and headed to Westonbirt Arboretum, for some tree-based fun!

There’s loads to do there, including many walks, playground and a number of play areas in the woods. Our membership there expires the first week in March, so I want to make good use of it while it lasts.

So, we had a great time even if it was pretty cold. Some nice sunny patches and no rain and it was quite quiet there. Lots of running around and all the main kids things are pretty close to the parking and visitor centre so pretty good for families. The boys were really getting into the cabin in the woods and Jac would have stayed there even longer.