Day 025…

A fungus detail on some scavenged wood from my local park. The busiest time relating to wood is during the summer months, when any and every piece of fallen wood is collected and we have our main delivery of mixed hard wood.

Garden details 06.06.13 - 1



Day 019…

Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, Sap Green and Titanium White. Not always the colours i’m naturally drawn too but this is a detail of one of my recent acrylic paintings.



Acrylic painting…

Another adventure into acrylic painting. With these two paintings I was trying to exaggerate the contrasts between the colours, textures and patterns. I feel there was some success, in that there are details which show that contrast quite vividly, particularly the central green line against the background of white.

Acrylic painting 31.05.13 - 3 Acrylic painting 31.05.13 - 5 Acrylic painting 31.05.13 - 2

The second example was less subtle and was more about blending techniques and seeing how using the pure white colour would blend with the stronger background colours. A slightly murky result but i’m following (or trying to) the path of trial and error where i’m learning the craft and testing different colours and techniques : )


A night on the town…

Hopefully the first of many photo-pub tours of Gloucester. Fellow photo-taker Mr SKP and I started at the Pelican then headed out into the night.

Night tour 17.04.13 - 05 Night tour 17.04.13 - 07 Night tour 17.04.13 - 09 Night tour 17.04.13 - 11 Night tour 17.04.13 - 14 Night tour 17.04.13 - 29 Night tour 17.04.13 - 23 Night tour 17.04.13 - 28

The final pub on the tour was Cafe Rene and a great band was playing: The Matt Woosey Band. Good night and always a good idea to combine photos with a few drinks ; )


Lying down on the job…

I always say to myself, ‘make sure you take your camera with you where ever you go, just in case a great photo opportunity comes along’. Well, I was out and didn’t have my camera, but I did have the rather poor quality camera on my mobile phone (BlackBerry Curve) which managed to get a very grainy image of some road workers in action…


It’s a real shame about this one as the contrasts were amazing, with the very harsh glow of the workers light and the vivid yellow of the barriers and the strong shadows surrounded by darkness.


Bouldering – yellow route…

Some good bouldering last night at the Warehouse, but didn’t attempt the campus board this time!

There’s a particular route in the corner of the bouldering floor which has proved to be very challenging so far. It involves good yellow holds, but more than half of it is under the tricky overhang, which is sloped at something like 30 degrees. This means you have to hang from the holds for the first half of the route which in turn means the energy levels go right down by the time you reach the nearly vertical part.

So, there’s lots of emphasis on arms only and a fair bit of full-reaching for holds. I’ve managed this route a few times now but always after an attempt or two to warm up.

Mr SKP also got some good shots of the main boulder in the centre of the floor and I got some good textures and contrasts which give some nice depth. These are from the tunnel through the main boulder and it was the first time we attempted it. Some good holds but hanging the whole time. Past the middle of the tunnel there are really only finger holds plus a couple of slightly better ones. Good fun though!


Bye bye blog theme…

The sun is setting on Tarski, and rising on Twenty Eleven.


Jamie new Crocs…

Jamie’s feet are officially bigger…too big in fact for his old red Crocs! So, some new yellow ones turned up in the post and he loves them.

We won’t loose him while he’s wearing these.